Template:Menu usage-set prop

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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)


Game-Menu supplement template.
Property assignment on used menu's.
Currently supporting up to 6 parameters. (anonymous type)
(Only intended to be used from "Menu usage box" template.)



Used By template



Def Remarks

Code/system notes:

OLD: The parameter-number offset, between the #set and its leading #if part, is intentionally.
     Effectively preventing setting the property on the last given GM-parameter (is object name ... makes no real sense for this property).

NEW: Menu-system seems to have changed (or potential is usage) in such a way that not including the last item makes no sense any more.
     Not having the last item is also troublesome when checking the GM used data for potential outdated and/or misfit entries.

     ISSUE: rethink if there is an other way to also store the last item(final-menu-items), including it with the others(sub-menu-items) bloats the "Unique data list" in such a way that it effectively becomes unusable. (storing last item is going to be reset in a day or two)

LATER1a: (on hold) Check if target property-name can be safely given as named-parameter here (probably. make sure).
LATER1b: (on hold) see about ditching separate legacy case of this template.