Troll Hair

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Troll Hair
Troll Hair.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Hunting
Object(s) Required Troll (Hairy variety)
Specific Type of String
Required By (String: Archery Target, Badger Hide Vest, Bark Reinforcement, Barkboat, Bat Wing, Battle Standard, Batwing Necklace, Bear Cape, Bear Coat, Bear Tooth Talisman, Beast Ring, Beaver Cap, Beaver Wrist Guards, Birchbark Backpack, Boar Tusk Helmet, Bone Arrow, Boreworm Mask, Bouquet of Flowers, Bunny Slippers, Bushcraft Fishingpole, Cachalot Charm, Chef's Hat, Chitin Helmet, Chitin Sequins, Cigar, Cold Compress, Copper Comet, Crabshell Sunfeather, Cutthroat Cuirass, Cylinder Hat, Demijohn, Dream Catcher, Drying Frame, Feather Band, Feather Duster, Feather Stuffing, Feather Sunfeather, Feather Trinket, Felt Hat, Fiddle & Bow, Folded Roasting Spit, Fox Hat, Fur Boots, Fur Cloak, Glass Beads, Heraldic Cape, Honey Wayband, Hop Garland, Horrible Knot, Hunter's Bow... further results)
Study details
Base LP 4000
Study Time 
StudyTime Input:

The studytime infobox parameter accepts two formats. An Hour-float (studyTime = H.hhhh) or a Time-code (studyTime = H:M).

Proper input rules:
H.hhhh: (Dot delimited) At least one leading digit, and at least 4 decimal digits.(good: "0.1230", bad: ".123")
H:M: (Colon delimited) At least one hour digit, and 1 or 2 minute digits. (good: "0:1", bad: ":1" or "0:123")

(Although bare integer-input would work for both format cases, there currently deemed improper formatted input.)
9h 0m
Mental Weight 4
EXP Cost 250
LP / EXP 16
LP / Hour (real) 444.44
LP / Mental Weight 1000
LP / Hour / EXP 1.78
LP / Hour / Size 444.44
LP / Hour / Weight 111.11
LP / Hour / Size / EXP 1.78
LP / Hour / Weight / EXP 0.44
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A pluck of hair from a Troll.

How to Acquire

Collected from a Troll with hair on its head. Only one variety of troll drops these.

In-Game Example(s)

Various troll parts decorating walls.