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skillreq, hunting.

  • A lot of dead animal products, including secondary products, are using hunting as required skill.
  • ~400 are using "required::" (saving it to the "required" property).
  • ~50 are not using "required::". (will only be shown on subject page itself)
    • Catching a animal definitely needs hunting.
    • Skinning/butchering/etc will probably also need hunting.
    • Drying skins (by it self) will probably not need hunting.
      • Currently there is visual difference between a direct needed skill and a potential derived needed skill.

--10:59, 26 October 2020 (UTC)

Stuff ...

  • Get reacquainted with [[<Property>::Category:...]]" case.
  • See about applying "Property:Seed of" more globally. Also, it currently has no clear placement location (being a none-output-generating set-property action, it can be added anywhere).

Bad Stuff ...

  • FEP tables: Properties like "Totalfep" & "Hungerpertotalfep", which contain multiple values per entry, have a tendency to swap places. The problem here is that SMW stored these values as they more or less come, which is however not guaranty to be the processed order inferred from the used template code.
    • Those properties should only contain one value(string or single-number) to guaranty correct data display in tables.
      • With a string the FEP table calls can remain virtually as they are (implemented). With separate numbers they need some less than minor changes (to be explored).
  • ...


Item: Stuff that can be put in inventories or characters-hand(cursor). Generally 'Crafted' of 'Foraged'.
Object(Unbound): None item-stuff that can be moved or lifted. Generally 'Build'.
Object(Bound): Just about everything else that can't be lifted or otherwise moved.
  • Character item-inventory: Default source/destination when auto transferring items from other general item inventories. Limitation: No none-empty buckets.
    • Special character bound item-inventory: Belt's. limited to handheld tools. One slot per tool independent of general item inventory-size.
  • General item-inventory: Chests, Cupboards, etc.
    • Special none-empty limitation: Object with item-inventory-sloth that can't be stored in object-storage-slots when not empty. (Cupboards, ...)
      • (potential difference here for movable vs unmovable objects with object inventory slots. ie: Cart/wagon vs Shed ...)
  • Object inventory: Cart, wagon, Shed. (inventory slots that can contain liftable unbound objects)

General/Mix none-FEP-modifying variations.

Some better/alternative way of dealing with general/mixed products. HnH Topic: No "Made from ... " for (mixed)Milk ? (Feb 09, 2021)
Known cases: Milk, Honey, wool, ...
One issue is the general used Specific-property-text. (relative easy to change. ie add option to switch between different texts. not sure about the used texts though.)
But don't really like to mix 'Specific-only' item-list page with actual item cases. (milk page currently being/doing both)

Energy per drink

  • Energy replenishment by drinks. (stamina at 100%) (drinking from preferred drinking vessel)
  • Seems to fit quality modifier.
Applejuice ~1.4
Pearjuice ~1.4
Beer ~7
Cider ~7
Milk ~7
Perry ~7
Tea ~7
Weißbier ~7
Grapejuice ~10
Wine ~10
Mead ~10
  • As such: For wine(EMV=10) at 70q it would take ~9.5 liter to replenish 5000 energy points.