Village Claim

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Village Claim
Hafen-Village Claim.png
Vital statistics
Size 2 x 3
Skill(s) Required Hearth Magic,Yeomanry and Lawspeaking
Object(s) Required Bar of Any Metal, Stone x200, Block of Wood x20, Board x20, Bone Material x40, A Beautiful Dream! x10, LP x30,000
Required By Statue of the Chieftain
Repaired With  ?
Can be Lifted No
Hit Points 30000
Soak Value 30
Go to Objects
Icon keyboard.pngAdventure > Haven & Hearth > Form Village

Also known as Village Idol, this structure claims a large area (101 x 101) and creates a village. To interact with objects in this area one must be a member of the village, be partied with a member, activate criminal acts, or the village must have set permissions to the white group. The idol drains 5000 authority per in-game day while providing an initial 125,000 of village authority and the authority cap of 250,000.

How to Acquire

A village idol must be placed on a paved 2x3 area, far enough away from another village claim, Banner or Statue of the Chieftain. Once built, a cooldown of 24 real life hours must be waited and then up to five characters can interact with the Village Idol. Once Form Village! is pressed, the 30,000 LP cost will be divided evenly among the interacting characters and a village name may be chosen. A Lawspeaker should then be appointed, this becomes the single undisputed leader of the village and any character can become it by interacting with the Village Idol.

Visitor buff

Any character that walks through a gate on a village claim (or personal claim), unless they are a member/owner, receives the Visitor buff. Characters with this buff are unable to perform Criminal Acts, even with the toggle switched on. Essentially this means the gates of walled claims can be left open to anyone to show off your beautifully cultivated lands without having to worry about Theft, Vandalism, Battery or Murder.

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Construction: Charter Stone - Field Cairn - Statue of the Chieftain - Village Banner

Roles: Chieftain - Hird - Lawspeaker