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Wild Beehive

From Ring of Brodgar
Wild Beehive
Wild Beehive.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Hunting, Beekeeping
Terrain Forest
Required By Bee Larvae, Odd Honeycomb, Wild-bee Honey
Can be Lifted No
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Wild Beehives are found on Trees, and can be raided by right clicking the hive and selecting Raid. Beehives are a source for: Bee Larvae(0-6) and Odd Honeycomb(0-3). Note that Odd Honeycomb can contain 0 - 0.5 litres of Wild-bee Honey that can be gathered with a Bucket and 10 honeycombs can be turned into Beeswax. Be aware, it is common for wandering swarms of Wild Bees to be guarding the Wild Beehive, and raiding the beehive results in the bee swarms attacking.


  • It is not recommended to ignore the Wild Bees while trying to raid the Beehive as they will interrupt your raid.


  • The final quality of the products is hardcapped by Survival. With a fixed minimum quality of 10 (for last part).

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