World 11 Has begun (Feb 1 2019)

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From Ring of Brodgar
Vital statistics
Size 5 x 5
Skill(s) Required ???
Object(s) Required Stone x300, Block of Wood x125, Board x75, Cloth x50, Rope x25, Bone Glue x10, Bar of Any Metal x5
Required By Milling Machine
Can be Lifted No

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A Windmill is a large 5x5 structure in which you can build a Milling Machine to grind flour passively.

The Windmill has three floors and can have a cellar as well. The first and third floor are 6x6 and the second floor is 6x7.

The machine is built separately from the Mill itself, in anticipation of other machineries that we may add in the future. Fill the machine with millable seeds, and watch it turn into glorious flour. There is no quality impact from the machine, and the resulting flour thus has the same qualities as the seeds. - Jorb