Wood Grouse Cock

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Wood Grouse Cock
Wood Grouse Cock.png
Vital statistics
Base-Quality 10
Hitpoints 50
Fleeing-Hitpoints 30
Creature-Products Dead Wood Grouse Cock: Wood Grouse Feather x2, Wood Grouse Meat x3, Entrails x2, Bone Material x2, Wishbone(Rarely)
This data is specified at the individual Terrain pages.
Blue Sod, Cloud Range, Flower Meadow, Grass, Greens Ward, Hard Steppe, Highground, Lush Field, Moor, Red Plain

It's a male wood grouse.



Passive until you aggro them.

Combat Moves

Attacks Restorations

FellScratch.png Fell Scratch
  • Attack type: Striking, Backhanded
  • Openings: Off Balance
  • IP +1
Feather Flurry.png Feather Flurry
  • Attack type: Striking, Backhanded
  • Openings: Dizzy
  • IP -2

Bristle.png Bristle
  • Reduces: Off Balance, Dizzy, Reeling, Cornered
  • IP -3


With 30 UA and light armor (around 30/30) they can't deal any damage.

In-Game Example(s)