Wooden Shovel

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Wooden Shovel
Hafen-Wooden Shovel.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 2
Skill(s) Required Carpentry ?
Object(s) Required Block of Wood x3, Board x2
Required By Bush, Odd Tuber, Old Stump, Soil, Stump
Slot(s) Occupied 4L and 4R
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A Wooden Shovel can be used with fewer stamina drain to quickly dig for Clay and Soil, and to quickly remove Tree Stumps. While using Land Surveys, wooden shovels dig a base value of 2 units of soil, modified by quality. A shovel is also required to dig up Bushes.

How to Use

  • To dig for clay and soil: use the Dig action (Adventure > Dig)
  • To remove a stump: use the Destroy action (Adventure > Destroy)
  • To dig up a bush: use the Lift action (Adventure > Lift)