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Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required None
Object(s) Required None
Specific Type of Bait
Required By (Bait: Bushcraft Fishingpole)
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Earthworms can be equipped on a Fishing Pole to be used as Bait.

Note that bait, unlike lures, must be replaced after each attempt at catching a fish. However, they greatly increase the chance of catching a fish on each try.

Placing Earthworms in a Compost Bin will speed up how fast Mulch is created, at a cost of how many units of mulch the bin can hold

Warning: According to the hearthling lore and legend, earthworms are created from earth and return to earth. What this means for the players is to take caution with them, as they can be used almost anywhere that dirt can be used. They count as dirt for stockpiling, and if you wish to keep them separate, be sure to keep them safe from being taken as dirt--such as when doing large landscaping projects.

How to Acquire

Digging on any terrain that contains Soil will sometimes yield earthworms.