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Wrecking Ball

From Ring of Brodgar
Wrecking Ball
Wrecking Ball.png
Vital statistics
Size 2 x 0
Skill(s) Required Wheelwrighting
Object(s) Required Board x10, Block x30, Stone x20, Bone Glue x5, Hardened Leather x1, Rope x4
Repaired With Bone Glue
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The Wrecking Ball is a powerful siege engine that cannot move, but instead must be disassembled, carried and reassembled (thus resetting the 24 hour drying period before usage).

After building a Wrecking Ball, it takes 3 in-game days (24 real life hours) for the glue to dry and make it usable.

After placing a Wrecking Ball right-click it to see if an option to Wreck is available. If this option is not available, you placed the Wrecking Ball incorrectly.

How to use

Unlike the Battering Ram, the Wrecking Ball does not require brimstone to build or repair offering an inexpensive siege option at the cost of time. You have to build the wrecking ball so that the stakes (the wooden things on the legs) are facing your character when placing it. (See picture to the right or below for reference)

When placing the wrecking ball, you will have to hold shift+ctrl in order to move the Wrecking Ball closer to the wall. This is a must as you will not get a selection to "wreck" if the wrecking ball is not placed close enough. If using a custom client, you can bring up the "bounding boxes view" (shift+B) in order to help you in placing the wrecking ball more accurately.

Visual of how to place the Wrecking Ball:

Wball placement.png


The base damage of the Wrecking Ball is a static 40 damage. Therefore, damage can be calculated as follows:

Only one person can operate wrecking ball at the same time.

Pickaxe or Sledgehammer does not help while using a Wrecking Ball.


  • Splash damage does occur when using wrecking ball
  • The wrecking ball has no quality so it can be built using low quality materials
  • It seems the waiting time on Wrecking Ball to dry is no longer 3 in-game days (1 real time day); in a lone case it has dried a couple real-time hours before the supposed finishing dry time.
  • Because of the above, it is suspected the Wrecking Ball drying time was changed to 1 in-game day or 2 in-game days (8 real-time hours or 16 real-time hours respectively).