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Bat Cave

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Bat Cave
Hafen-Bat Cave.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Required By Abyssal Insight, Bat Claw, Bat Fang, Bat Rock, Heart Container
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Bat Caves are special areas found deep underground.

In the deep mines of the Hearth, a dungeon type of screeching terrors and flapping delights can now be found; Bat Caves. Bat Caves are full of bats, and things Bat, and are quite the sight to behold.

They are the second instance of a new type of natural phenomenon which are generally called "Dungeons".

Getting through the Bat Cave

Before entering the cave, you should be aware that the difficulty level is random and once inside you won't be able to teleport to your hearthfire even if you get knocked out. If you get low on health, run for the exit.



  • Ordinary doors unlocked after you defeat all bats in a room.