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Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Baking
Object(s) Required Bread Dough
Produced By Oven
Required By Cornucopia, Roast Roach Wrap, Seal Burger
Hunger Filled 50
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Icon keyboard.pngCraft > Cooking > Baking > Breads > Bread

Bread is a food and, more specifically, a Baked Good, meaning you will need the Baking skill and access to an Oven to cook. Once baked, it can be eaten by right-clicking and selecting the 'Eat' option. Each provides 50 units of Hunger.

How to Acquire

Gather Flour and Water to make Bread Dough. Place the dough into an Oven. Fuel the Oven with three Branches and light it. The Bread will be finished in 3 ticks, or approximately 16 minutes and 40 seconds.


  • If Bread stays in an oven for too long, it will turn into Ash. Therefore, Bread should not be baked with anything other than Apple Pies or Blueberry Pies due to other foods having different cooking times.
  • It has been suggested that to avoid a bug which turns your bread into Ash, make sure to place fuel into the Oven before the Bread Dough. It is certainly important to avoid adding more than the three Branches needed to the Oven (if you aren't sure how many Branches are in the Oven, it is probably best to burn off the existing fuel before baking).