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Personal Beliefs reflect how your character feels about important issues in Hearthlands. They exist only in legacy.

Attitudes are dualisms on a scale of 11 increments from -5 to +5. The effects of extreme (-5 and +5) settings are listed below with the middle settings (-4 to +4) falling in the middle:

Dualism Title Legacy-Belief Slider Left.png Legacy-Belief Slider Right.png
Legacy-Belief Icon Death.png/Legacy-Belief Icon Life.png
  • +20% Maximum Health Points.
  • -20% Grievous damage (HHP damage).
Legacy-Belief Icon Night.png/Legacy-Belief Icon Day.png
  • Regenerate health at 3x speed during nighttime.
  • Regenerate health at 1/3 speed during daytime.
  • Regenerate health at 3x speed during daytime.
  • Regenerate health at 1/3 speed during nighttime.
Legacy-Belief Icon Barbarism.png/Legacy-Belief Icon Civilization.png
  • -30% Strength.
  • -30% Constitution.
  • +30% Intelligence.
  • +30% Charisma.
Legacy-Belief Icon Nature.png/Legacy-Belief Icon Industry.png
  • 100% chance of getting 1 seed per harvested crop (2 at neutral slider), excluding pumpkins and tea.
  • 0% chance of getting any Silk Filaments from unraveling cocoons.
  • Decreased (Probably 25%) chance of potted trees sprouting.
  • Increased tree sprouting time while on Herbalist Tables
  • 20% chance of getting any metal from mined (common) ore. [1]
  • 100% chance of picking 2 Gray Clay, Cave Clay, or Feldspar.
  • 67% of turning Bloom into Wrought Iron.
Legacy-Belief Icon Martial.png/Legacy-Belief Icon Peaceful.png
  • +20% Damage.
  • -20% Learning Ability.
  • -20% Damage.
  • +20% Learning Ability.
Legacy-Belief Icon Tradition.png/Legacy-Belief Icon Change.png
  • Learning Ability: 1/3 of normal.
  • Death results in a 25% loss to skills and stats. (about 43% total LP loss excluding personal claim)
  • Attitude changes can be made once every 3 days game time (1 day real time)
  • Receive 3 numen points per primary sacrifice.
  • Learning Ability: x3 normal.
  • Death results in a 75% loss to skills and stats. (about 93% total LP loss excluding personal claim)
  • Attitude changes can be made once every 8 hours game time (2 hours and 40 minutes real time)
  • 1/3 chance of receiving a numen point per primary sacrifice.
  • [1] This applies to the character who mined the ore, not the one who lights the smelter.


  • Progress toward changing beliefs again is only counted while logged in. Z's above a character indicate that that character has not interacted with anything within the last 20 minutes/typed :afk in console which pauses beliefs being counted. Most custom clients prevent you from going afk; they can be found in the forum section The Wizard's Tower.
  • Progress toward changing beliefs again is counted in in-game time, which is 3 times faster then actual time, so if it says 3 hours left, it actually is one hour of waiting.
  • The +20% Learning Ability from Peaceful is also affected by your Tradition/Change Learning Ability multiplier. Therefore, if you have +20% Learning Ability from full Peaceful, and x3 LA from full Change, the +20% is multiplied by 3 to become +60%.
  • Attitude sliders are found in the character sheet in the Personal Beliefs section. The frequency with which they can be changed is influenced by your tradition/change setting (see above table). This time only decreases while logged in. Mousing over the image at the top of the menu displays the remaining time until another slider can be altered.
  • Every attitude change causes the Tradition/Change slider to move one step towards Change. The one exception is altering the Tradition/Change slider itself.
  • Full Life is advised due to Grievous damage being rather useless, because animals have no HHP, and dealing higher HHP to players isn't very effective anyways.
  • Jorb post commenting on belief changes (death effects, change/tradition influencing rate of attitude changes.)