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Note: The RoB Legacy collection is currently in a somewhat broken state. (work in progress)
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Vital statistics
Size 5 x 4
Skill(s) Required Boat Building
Object(s) Required Block of Wood x32 (8 per section), Rope x8 (2 per section)
Can be Lifted Yes
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Icon keyboard.pngBuild > Construction > Carts & Cogs > Raft

Rafts are used to haul items like wagons, cows, and sheep across rivers.

You can load a Raft by entering the raft, right-clicking the surface of the raft, and then left clicking the object you want to load onto it. Rafts move very slowly (at crawl speed), so it is recommended to only use a raft to cross a river, not to travel down one.

How to Acquire

Build 4 sections of the raft, lift 3 of them and right click to drop them into the first one. This will cause the raft sections to collide into a fully built raft. Make sure that there is enough room in the water for the completed raft.

You need to have discovered block of wood and rope to be able to build it.


To lift a raft, first right-click it and select 'Take Apart'. This will split the raft into the 4 original sections. You can then lift each section and put the raft back together at the destination.

When logging out on top of a raft, while carrying a boat, the boat is lost. {verify}


Rafts haven't been re-implemented as of 2015-12-09. Need for them is somewhat diminished in Hafen as animals and wagons can cross shallow water.