Nugget of Any Common Metal

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Nugget of Any Common Metal
Hafen-Nugget of Any Common Metal.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Metal Working
Object(s) Required Bar of Common Metal
Produced By Crucible
Required By Hunter's Belt, Keyring, Metal Arrow, Metal Buttons, Metal Hook, Mine Support, Spectacles, Stone Column, Wooden Chest
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Nuggets of common metal are used in the crafting of a variety Gildings, Curiosities, and Equipment.

Nuggets comprised of any of the following metals are considered nuggets of common metal: Bar of Cast Iron, Bar of Wrought Iron, Bar of Steel, Bar of Tin, Bar of Copper, or Bar of Bronze

How to Acquire

Nuggets are made by using the craft with a lit Crucible while holding a Bar of Common Metal. This gives 10 nuggets of the respective metal, usable in crafting, or smeltable back to a bar.


The quality of a nugget is dependent upon the quality of the bar being crafted into nuggets. Neither the quality of the Crucible or fuel affects the quality of nuggets.


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