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Adder Crown +1L  +
Armored Striders +8R  +
Ashen Robes +2L or 6L  +


Badger Hide Vest +2L or 2R  +
Bagpipe +4L and 4R  +
Bandit's Mask +1R  +
Bat Wing +8L  +
Battle Standard +4L or 4R  +
Battleaxe of the Twelfth Bay +4L and 4R  +
Bear Cape +1L and 8L  +
Bear Coat +6L  +
Bear Tooth Talisman +1R  +
Beast Ring +5L, 5R  +
Beaver Cap +1L  +
Beaver Crown +1L  +
Beaver Wrist Guards +3L  +
Birchbark Backpack +6R  +
Boar Spear +4L and 4R  +
Boar Tusk Helmet +1L  +
Bone Greaves +7R  +
Bone Saw +4L or 4R  +
Boreworm Mask +1R  +
Bronze Helm +1L  +
Bronze Plate +2R  +
Bronze Sword +4L or 4R  +
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