From Ring of Brodgar
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Unknown
Terrain Beech Grove, Blue Sod, Deep Tangle, Highground, Leaf Detritus, Leaf Patch, Lichen Wold, Moss Brush, Oak Wilds, Pine Barren, Red Plain, Shady Copse, Sombre Bramble, Timber Land, Wald
Object(s) Required Silkworm Cocoon
Required By Silkworm Egg
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Silkmoths are tiny insects found flying around grasslands and through forests. Once caught, a male and a female silkmoth can mate within 24 in-game-hours, turning into 10 Silkworm Eggs at most. For this, they will need to be in the same container. Once two Silkmoth breed, both will die. Once a Silkmoth is caught, their life ticker will start, and once that timer is up they will die.

How to Acquire

Silkmoths are acquired by simply right clicking them. The character will then run to the silkmoth, trying to catch it.

Letting Silkworm Cocoons sit for 16 hours will also spawn a Slikmoth.

Tips: - It's easier to catch them in open areas such as plains to avoid bumping into obstacles during pursuit.