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From Ring of Brodgar
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Unknown
Object(s) Required Herbalist Table, Mulberry Leaf x4
Produced By Silkworm Egg
Required By Death's Head Chrysalis, Silkworm Cocoon
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How to Acquire

Silkworms are hatched from Silkworm Eggs by placing the eggs on an Herbalist Table for 7 real life hours. Once hatched, the worms need to feed as described below, so it is important to move them into a container with food within 6 real life hours.

Once you have hatched your Silkworm Eggs into worms, place them in another container that can hold a decent amount such as a cupboard and match their number with Mulberry Leaves. Every three real life hours, the Silkworms will check for leaves and eat one, in this case counter on worm picture increases +1; if there are no leaves, they will check again in three real life hours. If at that point there are still no leaves, they will die. As a rule of thumb, put four leaves per silkworm egg in a container.

After a silkworm has eaten leaves 4 times, it will turn into a Silkworm Cocoon.