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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)
Intended feature
- Hafen/Legacy page infobox-image helper and usage tracker.
- intended as helper-tool in hafen v legacy infobox-image separation.
- intended to only be used in proper infobox templates. (ones per template)
Disabled/Removed features
- Look for alternative Default & "Hafen-" image-cases for Legacy namespace.
- Look for alternative "Legacy-" image-case for Main/Hafen namespace.
- Look for "Hafen-" image-cases. (Now only looks for default-name case. If not found => Placeholder case)
Current features
- Auto-pick infobox-image to use based on source-page-name and available images. (if infobox image-parm is not set/used)
- Log infobox image usage data. (categories)
- Infobox image max-size clamping. (max-size set in/per infobox template)
Used by
- Template:Infobox creature
- Template:Infobox metaobj
- Template:Infobox skill
- Template:Infobox terrain
- Template:Infobox tree
- Template:Infobox legmetaobj
- Template:Infobox legskill
- Template:Infobox legcreature
- Template:Infobox legterrain
- Template:Pinp misc - Page-image-name-processing _ Max-Image-Size-Clamp.
Generates (Categories)
- "Page-img Hafen/Legacy *"
- General parent Category: Page-image-name-processing
General call usage
- {{ Page-image-name-processing }}
- {{ Page-image-name-processing | image=<file:filename.ext> }}
- {{ Page-image-name-processing | imagewidth=<size(int)> }}
- Target image-names that fail the ifexist test, show the source page in the related "what links here" image-page.
-- Only happens at "what links here" page, not at the image/file-page itself. (ok)
-- ifexist failed image-names also don't show at the "wanted files" page. (ok)(there registered as normal-link and not as file-usage-link)
--- ...