Beaver Lodge

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Beaver Lodge
Beaver Lodge.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Required By (8) A Wild Dream, Ancient Tooth, Beaver Crown, Beaver Delights, Beaver Salvage, Chewed Fibre, Garment Needle, Heart Container
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Beaver Lodges are Dungeons found within bodies of water.

Beaver Lodges are where beavers lodge, and that is to say vast, sprawling, underwater complexes of rooms, corridors, and great halls, laden with beavers and things beaver.

They are the first instance of a new type of natural phenomenon which are generally called "Dungeons".

Getting through the lodge

Before entering the lodge, you should be aware that the difficulty level is random and once inside you won't be able to teleport to your hearthfire even if you get knocked out. If you get low on health, run for the exit.
Some rooms are flooded, so if you aren't confident in your swimming abilities you should bring a coracle to avoid drowning. Each room has an objective that you must complete to unlock the next room. These can include killing all beavers, killing x many beavers, or making sure a certain amount of beavers are dead at the same time before more spawn.
There is usually a main branch of rooms which leads to the king and side branches which lead to treasure chests. Chests contain a random assortment of loot including gems, curios, wild dreams, gildings, bone needles.
At the end of the main path you will find the beaver king. Beavers never stop spawning in the final room. Once the king is dead the lodge will start to shake and create a new exit to the surface nearby, sometimes if the exit is near a wall it will spawn in an adjacent room. Once you are outside the lodge will collapse and respawn somewhere else in the world.
Defeating Beaver King trigger Fall of The Beaver King event and spawn Heart Container somewhere in final room.



  • Doors unlocked after you defeat all beavers in a room.




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