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Welcome to the Ring of Brodgar Wiki. This wiki serves as the unofficial, community driven wiki for the MMO Haven and Hearth

What is Haven and Hearth?

Haven and Hearth is an indie game developed using Java, C, and Paintshop Pro by two developers, [Jorb] and [Loftar]. It is renowned for its stunningly beautiful 3D graphics and lush, dynamic environment. In addition to its beautiful artstyle, the gameplay and mechanics are very unique in comparison to mainstream MMORPGs.

Persistent World

In MMORPGs, what you see is developed by some guy who spends his entire career making maps. You play as an avatar in a static world that will be no different tomorrow as it is today. In Haven and Hearth, this is different. You (yes, as soon as you spawn) have the capability to permanently alter the world around you. Individuals and communities can sculpt the land and establish a village, pillaging the land around them for resources the world provides. Watch as a remarkable forest succumbs to your axe and the ground under them is mined out with your pick! Everything you do leaves a mark that others can see. Due to the turbulent nature of Haven's development, Worlds can and are reset, often out of necessity rather than desire.

Player versus Player

Unlike most MMORPGs, your character's health and safety are a priority. Death isn't measured as an EXP loss, but a loss of an entire character. Death is permanent, and you will be forced to start anew. Adding to the danger of this permadeath environment, Player Versus Player (PVP) is an integral part of Haven and Hearth. Any player has the opportunity to murder you, as long as they are equipped with the right skills and abilities. Finally, Even the most well guarded village can be brought to their knees with the right tools, destroying countless hours of teamwork, friendship, and clicking.

It's in Alpha

Jorb and Loftar have stated Haven is in Eternal Alpha. Regular content updates and bugfixes constantly introduce new activites for players to participate in. In combination with their tight-knit player base, user driven suggestions, demands, and threats carry more weight and meaning than any other game you may play.

Is it Free?


Haven is operated as a free game with an optional Subscription, which enables players to both donate to their favorite game, as well as receive some small Bonuses for their contributions.

Many people may fear that this subscription might enable 'Freemium' type advantages, but this is not the case. Subscribed players receive only percentage bonuses to activities that all players may participate in. This bonus simply enables subscribed members to reach their goals slightly quicker.