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LP Cost 30,000
The Will to Power
Murder, Vandalism
Hearth Magic(s) Unlocked Vengeful Incantation
Required By (4) Dark Effigy, Skull Cup, Skull Throne, Skullpole
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The Rage skill allows a hearthling to attack and knock out other hearthlings. It does not allow a hearthling to attack knocked out players, nor will it allow other hearthlings to attack said hearthling when they are knocked out. For information regarding murder, see Murder.

Only hearthlings with Rage can have a Nidbane sent after a murderer.

Unlocking this specific skill gives you the ability to use the Emote Rage!.

In-Game Text

"Insults fell on his mind,
Like sparks on wet leaves,
Until, one day, the leaves were dry."

"You've had quite enough, and someone's going to get it hard and fast. Rage allows you to initiate combat with other Hearthlings.

Beware that each breach of the Hearthlaw leaves a Crime Scent -- which can be used to track you down -- and that being an outlaw prevents your character from being logged out for some time after the offense."

Game Development

  • An Arrow to the Knee (2020-02-02) >"Rage no longer implies anything for your Knockout Protection, and only means that you are allowed to aggro, much like it used to be."