Hearth Magic

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Hearth Magic
Hearth Magic.png

"Hildur was a wise one,
Old crone rich in years,
They said she knew the runes,
Runes to make a broom dance,
A cat bark,
A sound of silence."

LP Cost 250
The Will to Power
Alchemy, Ancestral Worship, Box of Matches, Druidic Rite, First Aid, Lawspeaking, Painting
Hearth Magic(s) Unlocked Commune With Nature, Contemplation & Meditation, Dig Deeper, Fisher's Request for a Catch, Gilding Song, Green Thumb, Horse Whisper, Kindle, Mine Song, Polish the Silver, Quell the Beast, Raw Hide!, Star Gaze, Vengeful Incantation
Required By (22) A Beautiful Dream!, Bear Tooth Talisman, Border Cairn, Coronation Stone, Dowsing Rod, Dream Catcher, Enthroned Toad, Fealty Stone, Great Wax Seal, Grotesque Idol, Menhir, Nidbane Fetter, Petraglyph, Prism, Rabbit's Foot Necklace, Rainbow Shell Amulet, Seer's Bones, Seer's Bowl, Seer's Spindle, Seer's Tealeaves, Village Claim, Völva's Wand
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"You have discovered that certain events in the shadowlands between dream and waking may cause the rules of the Deep Magic to bend, just a little, and have learned how to create some simple artefacts of sympathetic import."

Allows you to build Dream Catchers, and craft Dowsing Rods. Also grants you the ability to harvest A Beautiful Dream! from Dream Catchers.


You must learn Hearth Magic to be eligible for "A whisper on the winds" that grants you access to a nearby quest giver. Other requirement is at least 10,000 Learning Points gained.

Magic Abilities

Hearth Magic Required skills
Commune With Nature.png Commune With Nature Hearth Magic
Contemplation And Meditation.png Contemplation & Meditation Hearth Magic
Dig Deeper.png Dig Deeper Hearth Magic, Tunneling
Fishers Request for a Catch.png Fisher's Request for a Catch Fishing, Hearth Magic
Gilding Song.png Gilding Song Hearth Magic, Deep Artifice
Green Thumb.png Green Thumb Hearth Magic, Forestry
Horse Whisper.png Horse Whisper Animal Husbandry, Hearth Magic
Kindle.png Kindle Hearth Magic
Mine Song.png Mine Song Mining, Hearth Magic
Polish the Silver.png Polish the Silver Hearth Magic, Metallurgy
Quell the Beast.png Quell the Beast Animal Husbandry, Hearth Magic
Raw Hide!.png Raw Hide! Animal Husbandry, Hearth Magic
Star Gaze.png Star Gaze Hearth Magic, Deep Artifice
Vengeful Incantation.png Vengeful Incantation Rage, Hearth Magic

Game Development

  • Liberty Shrimp (2022-09-11) >""Raw Hide!" should no longer cost experience points to activate when there are no horses around, and should also not cost 2x reported cost when there are. Adjusted the stun effect timer downward somewhat, particularly in the farther reaches of the effect."
  • Sturdy Prayer (2022-04-24) >"Added "Sense Coronation Stone", Hearth Magic. Allows you to locate the Coronation Stone of the province you are currently in."
  • Raw Trucker (2021-09-05) >""Raw Hide!" now hits targets further away harder than previously. The minimum horse dance time from being hit by "Raw Hide!" increased from 3 to 9 seconds."
  • Raw Trucker (2021-09-05) >""Raw Hide!" now empties the stamina meter of any horse (with a rider) hit by it. Wild Horses lose their "Pony Power" entirely."
  • Oak Apple Gold (2018-07-17) >"Quest rewards are now determined upon completion, rather than generation, so you should no longer get, for example, zero percent hunger reduction rewards."