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Lawspeaking Icon.png
LP Cost 20,000
Hearth Magic and Yeomanry
Hearth Magic(s) Unlocked None
Required By (8) Bonfire, Border Cairn, Coronation Stone, Fealty Stone, Grotesque Idol, Menhir, Village Claim, War Flag
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In-Game Text

"Where there was strife, let there be kinship. Where there was hunger, let there be bread. Where yesteryear the pyres burned, let there be law."

The Lawspeaker's position is held in high regard by traditional Hearthling society. The tasks of the Lawspeaker vary with the seasons, but they are always called upon to perform their duties when disputes need to be settled and when oaths are to be sworn or renewed. Having the Lawspeaking skill allows your character to found villages. Begin constructing the Village Idol by choosing (sic) "Form Village" in the Adventure Menu.


Anyone with the skill Lawspeaking can click on a Village Idol of a village without a Lawspeaker and becomes the new lawspeaker of this village. The Lawspeaker has several abilities:

  • Revoke the Privilege! = Disbands a personal claim (within the village in question; Lawspeaker must be standing on the Personal Claim when attempting to disband) by spending Village Authority.
  • Oath of Allegiance = Invites the person oathed in to join the village.

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