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Authority is the equivalent of a village's health points. A newly founded village starts with 125k authority, with an initial maximum limit of 250k authority and a drain of 5k authority per in-game day.

Authority Drain and Gain


Authority is automatically drained from a village every in-game day, based on village claim structures that village has built. This authority loss occurs gradually over the day. (with just a village idol, the authority drain is around 200 every 20 real-time minutes - a total of 5k authority per in-game day)

If a village's authority falls below 50k, the village claim will lose its effectiveness. That is, anyone will be able to freely interact with objects inside the village claim (including stealing) without leaving any scents. The village idol can also be destroyed by outsiders when the authority is under this threshold.


[03 April 2010, Jorb:] "Authority is now gained by village members gaining LP. The authority gained is base LP gained by the character (i.e. unaffected by learning rate), factored by the geometric average of the character's charisma and intelligence, divided by thirty." Jorb sent the new formula : Authority = LP * sqrt (CHA * LORE) / 10), where "LP" is "base LP gain" (100% learning ability, not 360%). (30 April 2021)

How much authority a village can store (the maximum authority limit) may be increased by building the following structures. Note that these structures also increase the daily authority drain as a side effect.

  • Banner - Adds 30k maximum authority and drains 250 authority per in-game day.
  • Statue - Adds 36k maximum authority and drains 350 authority per in-game day.

Using Authority

The following actions require authority points to use:

  • Revoke personal claim - Lawspeakers may revoke personal claims inside the village claim, at a cost of about 250 authority per square of the personal claim.
  • Leaving a village - A village will lose 25k authority every time a villager is exiled or gives up membership in that village.

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