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Vital statistics
Size 3 x 3
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"Ancient custom holds that Hearthings may only be convened in those places noumenal where the Old Gods, in time before time, planted a mighty oak by a table of stone. A Thingwall stands before you, and you now heed its beck and call." -Experience event description

Static locations

Thingwalls were created during world generation and thus cannot be built, destroyed, lifted or moved, but you might give it a try, champ. Location of Thingwalls has been designed with intention of not being able to be walled off, but in case such a Thingwall exists, furious divine intervention should be expected.

Fast Travel

You can teleport from a Thingwall to any adjacent Thingwall, that your character has previously discovered.

You can travel to Charter Stones.

Tip: Thingwall travel seems more efficient per unit traveled in terms of Travel Weariness so you can try using them to get closer to the destination charter stone if you otherwise would lack the capacity to travel.

As of World 15 thingwall's have become the fallback location to hearth home to, if one has no active Hearth Fire. So far its seems the thingwall one spawned at. But could potentially also become the nearest or last used thingwall). [Verify: Which Thingwall.]


Serves as a capture point for its province.

HnH Post: Thingwalls Explained (by Jorb)

Voronoi regions

The following Voronoi gif animations nicely show the Thingwalls vs Realm border relation.


Game Development

  • Realm of Toads (2023-05-28) >"Fixed a bug by which it was possible to maintain perpetual challenges against realms by walling off War flags. War Flags are now gradually lowered over time whenever they fail to trace a path to their challenged Thingwall, disappearing if their flag is lowered entirely. Flags now graphically begin midway up the pole to compensate, but this implies no change to the actual timers involved."
  • Oyster Meteor (2021-06-06) >"Traveling to a Thingwall now lands you on claims with a "free" Trespass action, i.e. you leave no scent, congruent with how roads and cave entrances work."

Claims, Villages, and Realms
Personal Claims:Personal Claim - Yeomanry - A Bond of Blood & Soil

Village Claims:Village Claim - Lawspeaking - Lawspeaker - Authority - Field Cairn - Statue of the Chieftain - Village Banner - Charter Stone
Kingdoms and Realms:Realm - Coronation Stone - Thingwall - Province - Menhir - Grotesque Idol - Realm Bonuses - Realm Skills - King