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Vital statistics
Size 3 x 3
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Thingwall is a realm oriented object. It serves as a capturable banner for its province.
It can also be used to fast travel between other Thingwalls your hearthling have already discovered.

Thingwalls were created during world generation and thus cannot be built, destroyed, lifted or moved, but you might give it a try, champ. Location of Thingwalls has been designed with intention of not being able to be walled off, but in case such a Thingwall exists, furious divine intervention should be expected.

HnH Post: Thingwalls Explained (by Jorb)

Claims, Villages, and Realms
Personal Claims:Personal Claim - Yeomanry - A Bond of Blood & Soil

Village Claims:Village Claim - Lawspeaking - Lawspeaker - Authority - Field Cairn - Statue of the Chieftain - Village Banner
Kingdoms and Realms:Realm - Coronation Stone - Thingwall - Province - Menhir - Grotesque Idol - Realm Bonuses - Realm Skills - King