Hearth Fire

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Hearth Fire
Hearth Fire.png
Online / Offline
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Wilderness Survival
Object(s) Required Branch x5, A Beautiful Dream!
Can be Lifted No
Soak Value 5
Go to Objects
Icon keyboard.pngAdventure > Haven & Hearth > Light Hearth Fire

A Hearth Fire provides a place for your character to appear when logging in (if the place you logged out in is not accessible) and is used as a destination for fast travel when in-game. The color of the Hearth Fire's flame denotes whether the owner of the fire is online or not (bright green = online, white/pale green = offline).

Travel to your Hearth Fire

Icon keyboard.pngAdventure > Haven & Hearth > Travel to your Hearth Fire

After a short hourglass, you will teleport to your Hearth Fire. Commonly referred to as "hearthing."

When Knocked Out, you can still use Travel to Hearth Fire after a short delay, before character wakes up. Message pings you when this is possible. This is critical to know, as an animal or hostile player can simply aggro and KO you again right away. More intuitive system is now in place.

Following things prevent you from using this action:

  • Combat (Prevents KO traveling if animal doesn't drop combat, although this should usually result in your death unless the animal is fighting another player.)
  • Swimming
  • Being Red Handed
  • Being inside a Dungeon

Riding a vehicle does NOT prevent you from hearthing, but vehicle will be left behind. If you can, lift it and carry it while hearthing. Ridden Horse and/or pulled Cart will come with you.

Hearthing seems to give flat 0.1 points of Travel Weariness when used. Being at 100% Travel Weariness doesn't prevent you from hearthing.

For example, you can be knocked out while sailing in a Snekkja. After short window of opportunity for you to be looted (including the key to the helm, it's considered vital to drop the key when escape seems impossible for the attacker to steal the ship) you will be able to Hearth home, leaving the ship behind to be collected later with a new slave key.


All players can move through any Hearth Fire. (Unlike in early versions) Carts however can't move past them, and it has been reported that Wagons can become stuck in them, requiring Hearth Fire(s) to be moved (or destroyed in case of inactive characters) in order to salvage the wagon.


  • Hearth fires are destructible. A Hearth Fire has 250 hitpoints and 5 Soak, therefore being hard or impossible to destroy with low-stat character. See "discussion" for details.
  • You can destroy a Hearth Fire on your personal claim without leaving a scent.
  • If you attempt to destroy a Hearth Fire that is not on your personal claim, then you will leave a Vile Vapor of Vandalism scent.
  • Reincarnated characters start the game at their ancestor's Hearth Fire, if they inherit via the graveyard.
  • If you make a new Hearth Fire, the old one will become a pile of wood, ready to light into a fire for cooking.

Game Development (templ)

  • Cheesy Coracle (2018-01-25) >"You can no longer bash Hearth fires on a claim while under a visitor debuff against that claim, as bashing a Hearth Fire now counts as a crime both against the claim and the owner of the Hearth. Reported here."