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Upcoming w15 hitpoint change might throw a wrench into this particular mechanism.

General term referring to how certain creatures (animals/monsters) have a varying chance to not de-aggro when they knock you out, they can continue attacking you while you're on the ground, potentially until your character dies.

There seems to be a some kind of roll to de-aggro (likely varying based on type of creature) every time it attacks downed Hearthling, meaning you might A) have the animal lose interest immediately B)be further damaged but still ultimately survive C) be mauled until you die.

Known animals that can execute are:

Game Development

  • An Arrow to the Knee (2020-02-02) >"Animals no longer respect Knockout Protection, but rather have, as they used to in Legacy, a fixed chance of disengaging every time they hit you while you are knocked out. Wolves, Boars, Bears, Lynx, Orca, Sperm Whales, Boreworms, Cave Anglers, Trolls, Mammoths, are all more or less lethal."