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Welcome to Ring of Brodgar! The Community Portal is where this wiki community comes together to organize and discuss projects for the wiki. To see the most recent discussions, click the Discussion tab above.

Potential Tasks

(deemed generally outdated. Should probably go somewhere else, in a different form.)
Pages/concepts that need work

  • Combat
  • Gardening/ Garden Pots (Growth time + quality calcuations)
  • More information needed for PClaims, Villages, and Realms (See the village box at the bottom of those pages for what subjects need to be updated and created
  • Finish adding information to Terrain pages
  • Finish adding information to all Tree pages
  • Add proper metaobj tags to Category:Gilding Objects for automatic list population (see Fine Feather Brooch as an example) - Completed! Thanks KitsuneG
  • All Things Gems (further discussion might be required. a separate page for each gem would require over 500 pages) - A solid foundation created with the help of Romovs
  • Figure out how to link infobox terrain and infobox tree to infobox metaobj for automatic population of trees, plants, and animals

General help

  • Searching on RoB is (now) non case-sensitive. The search field included on every page will automatically jump to any page with a matching page-name (blocked by adding a trailing "~" or "*"). The main search page will not do such automatic jump by default. See the Mediawiki Searching help page for additional info. (note: the "*" option expects at least 4 characters for partial word-matching to kick in.)
  • To follow the changes to this wiki see the Recent Changes page.
  • If you need help editing, you could start with Ring of Brodgar talk:Community Portal.
  • For more information on how we want pages to be formatted check the Article Standards
  • For more information on how pages can be formatted check the Manual of Style
  • The main infobox template is the Template:Infobox metaobj. See AllPages for other available infobox templates.

Things You can Do

Useful activities
  • For playing around with wiki editing, formating, or other RoB stuff. There is a general RoB Sandbox page.

Available general templates (wip)

Template Data page Remark
Verify Verification_Calls (needs some additional documentation)
Patch (Game_Updates = available titles) Patch related forum link box(inline).
HFL - HFL: HnH Forum Link box(inline).
Quote - General quoting support.
GM (Property:Test_Text_1 = some raw data dump) GM: Game Menu box.
Pagenotice Pagenotice A more general verify-type scheme.
... ... ...


  • Symptom: Changes in one page are not 'immediately' showing up in another related/effected pages. (general MediaWiki feature)
To force a direct page-update for related/affected pages, for quick debugging purposes, one would use a Null-edit on those pages.
(Without a Null-edit those page will update at a later time)
  • Small, hard to read wiki formula:
Having an empty line before and after the math formula will display formulas in a bigger style.

In-Game names versus RoB-Wiki used names

When it comes to in-game names, the general rule it to stick to those at RoB-wiki.
But there are some exceptions where RoB-wiki uses a different name than the used in-game name.
Those exceptions are listed at the Game_v_RoB_name_changes page.