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Village Claim
Village Claim.png
Vital statistics
Size 2 x 3
Skill(s) RequiredSpecific needed skills.<br>The default skills every hearthling starts off with, Oral Tradition, Primitive Tools & Wilderness Survival), are ignored. Hearth Magic,Yeomanry and Lawspeaking
(potential! Skill only dependent build) [Verify]
Object(s) Required Bar of Any Metal, Stone x200, Block of Wood x20, Board x20, Bone Material x40, A Beautiful Dream! x10, LP x30,000
Required By (1) Statue of the Chieftain
Repaired With Stone
Can be Lifted No
Hit Points 30000
Soak Value (unknown)
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Icon keyboard.pngAdventure > Haven & Hearth > Form Village

Also known as Village Idol.

This structure, once activated by 1-5 player characters, claims a large area (101 x 101). To interact with objects in this area one must be a member of the village, be partied with a member, activate criminal acts, or the village must have set permissions to the white group. Villages don't seem to have any practical limit on how many members they can have at a time.

How to Acquire

Note: When placing the village idol, it will display a square around the land it will claim. (You need to have the camera zoomed out sufficiently to see 50 tiles into the distance.)

A village idol must be placed on a paved 2x3 area, far enough away from another village claim, Banner, or Statue of the Chieftain so that claims do not overlap and have an appropriate buffer zone. Once built, a cooldown of three game days (approximately 21-22 real hours) must be waited and then up to five characters can interact with the Village Idol. The first character to interact will become the Lawspeaker (given that Lawspeaking has been learned), otherwise an error message will be returned. Note that all of the founding members must possess the skill Yeomanry. Once a village name has been entered and Form Village! is pressed, after a few seconds the 30,000 LP cost will be divided evenly among the interacting characters and a village will be founded.


The idol drains 5000 authority per in-game day (15,000 per real day) while providing an initial 30,000 of village authority and the authority cap of 250,000.

Every Natural Wonder that a Village covers will drain 10,000 authority per real day.

Authority is generated by villagers gaining Learning Points. Amount of authority gained is equal to LP gained, multiplied by a factor based on villager's Intelligence and Charisma Attributes. [Verify: exact ratio, confirm attributes.]

Power Level

Claims has power level, varies from 0 to 1.
  • You can check power level of a claim by inspecting any ground tile on your claim, it represents in a percent from 0% to 100%
  • Battering Ram drying time depends on claim power level, 24h*Power Level for Palisade and 32h*Power Level for Brickwall
  • The stronger claim always applies in case of overlapping claims.
  • It takes roughly a month to get maximum power level

Visitor buff

Any character that walks through a visitor gate (as indicated by the red flags) on a village claim (or personal claim), unless they are a member/owner, receives the Visitor buff. Characters with this buff are unable to perform Criminal Acts, even with the toggle switched on. Essentially this means the visitor gates of walled claims can be left open to anyone to show off your beautifully cultivated lands without having to worry about Theft, Vandalism, Battery or Murder.

However, if you think a Nidbane might visit your lands soon, keep all gates closed, as visitor buff does not prevent from aggroing a Nidbane that is waiting for an offline character to come online, thus making it immediately attack it's defenseless target.


Villages can only be expanded downwards across levels in mines from the level the Village Idol is on. Build the Idol on the highest level you want village access on and then expand downward.

There is a required buffer of 100 tiles between each village. You cannot build a village idol or place expansions that would encroach on this buffer.

A person can only be Lawspeaker of one village at a time. If the lawspeaker builds another Village Idol, they will lose the position at the current village they are lawspeaker of. It follows reason as a person can only be a member of one village at a time, and loses membership at their current village when accepting membership at a new village. --needs verifying

It is possible to put alt code in your village's name. Copy pasting emojis from will let you use them in the game.

Info on Grid placement at forums:

Elaboration on the "practical limitation" mentioned in the opening paragraph: there has to be some kind of technical limit. However it could range from as low as 256 (if implemented as 8-bit integer) to as high as 18 quintillion (if implemented as 64-bit integer.) Safest bet might be a modest 32-bit integer for a cap of around 4 billion villagers.

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Villages are a convenient way of managing communities. They work as a shared claim which can prevent non-members from interacting with village-owned objects and the special village officials get certain benefits.

Each village has a village claim, or idol, which sends out influence in a large 101x101 area. This area can be expanded with statues (old?) and banners to make the village larger. The village claim is similar to land claims, except that it only protects objects, containers, buildings, mines etc.; however, anyone may wander on village ground as they wish. Since unauthorized use (i.e. by non-members) of village property requires criminal action, looting a village will generate scents.

Villages maintain a pool of authority, which is generated as members earn LPs based on their intelligent and charisma. The idol, banners, and statues drain authority and lose effectiveness if the authority pool is fully drained. This also allows other to destroy the authority objects.

Ranks and management

Lawspeaker always has all privileges in order to manage his village and control other members rights.

Village member can do everything in a village influence without leaving scents if he has proper rights set on by a Lawspeaker or another member.

Non-members. Anyone else needs special skills to use, destroy, vandalize, steal in a village's influence and leave scents when they do. Any character that walks through a gate on a village claim unless he/she is a member, receives the Visitor buff that makes him/her unable to perform Criminal Acts, even with the toggle switched on.

Village member with the "Grant privileges" right can appoint privileges to other member groups via "Village" tab in "Kin & Kith" window and assign members to one of these groups. Currently there is no way to give permissions to unknown people (non-members) by accident now. Even if you give permissions in village to white color, they will only work if that person is part of the village.

To really give permissions to non-members, you need a Field Cairn. It can be built in the "Village Government" tab. When you right click it, it will allow you to "draw" an area. And then set permissions to that area. If you set permissions for the white color, only then this will make it work for non-members.


Villages are started by making a village idol, then having up to 5 people with Yeomanry to right click on it (lawspeaker first), and then clicking "make village". After some dramatic fire animations, a village is created. The cost to create a village is 30,000 LP and it is divided evenly among the founding members. (One person with 30,000; two both with 15,000; etc.)

Becoming Lawspeaker

After a Village Idol (Claim) is ready to turn into a village the first person to open the Village creation window and create the village will become the Lawspeaker.

A Lawspeaker cannot leave the village by any means other than death until he renounces his role. If someone else wishes to become Lawspeaker, the only way to achieve such is to kill the current Lawspeaker or have them renounce their role.

If a village has no Lawspeaker, only members of that village can become Lawspeaker if said village has more than 50k authority. If the same village drops below 50k authority and there is no Lawspeaker anyone can become the Lawspeaker (members of that village or not).

If and only if a village has no members in it can anyone not a member of that village become the Lawspeaker of that village. Right click the Village Idol from a visible range to become one. If the village has more than 50k authority the Trespassing skill is required and criminal acts must be turned on, although no scents are left taking over the empty village. The person attempting to become Lawspeaker of an empty village can not be a Lawspeaker of another village.


  • If you found more than one village as Lawspeaker, you will then be automatically removed as Lawspeaker for the first village.
  • Non-member's rights are represented as a "white" group in the "Village" tab (second button at bottom) of the "Kin" window.


Village Claim res.png

Game Development

  • Stack of Stacks (2023-03-07) >"Simple item drops should now, much like objects, remember their Last Owner, meaning that if you drop something on claimed land, you should be able to pick it back up again."
  • Possessed Purse (2021-06-13) >"You can now place stockpiles with "Rummaging" permissions, rather than requiring "Vandalism", as was previously the case. Report any problems."
  • World 12 (2020-03-06) >"The "Power Level" of a newly established claim increases from 0 to 1 over the course of four RL weeks. (E.g: After one week the power level is 0.25, after two weeks the power level is 0.5, and so on.)"
  • World 12 (2020-03-06) >"The stronger claim always applies in case of overlapping claims. (Personal Claim v Village Claim)"
  • Leather Feather (2015-12-03) >"Fairly invasive overhaul of claim checks during player movement, especially as relates to mounts, aiming at correcting the problem of mounts entering claims without notification, trespassing and theft requirements, village name presentation, &c. This can potentially cause unintended consequences, so keep an eye out for that. Fixing this and this."

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