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LP Cost 20,000
The Will to Power
Hearth Magic(s) Unlocked None
Required By (1) Ashen Robes
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Trespassing allows you to manipulate the objects of another player, such as to light their fires or use their structures, and also to open and look inside containers. Be cautious, since each time you perform such an actions, you will leave Odor of Trespassing or Whiff of Rummaging scents, which can be harvested by anyone with sufficient exploration/perception. This could get you into trouble, and even killed, since this scent can be used to locate you or your hearth fire.

In-Game Text

"Owen has something in his chest, which he hides from me. It struck me, the other night, that he isn't always at home."

Trespassing allows your character to interact with objects placed on land owned by another player.


Trespassing, rummaging and assault are the only criminal actions whose scents cannot be used to summon a nidbane. You also do not get the "Redhanded" or "Outlaw" debuff from trespassing or rummaging.

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