The Will to Power

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The Will to Power
The Will to Power.png

"Wicked portents,
A black ash dripping with blood.
And the entrails whisper
Of lies and deceit."

LP Cost 200
Hearth Magic, Rage, Trespassing, Yeomanry
Hearth Magic(s) Unlocked None
Required By (4) Combat Instructions, Flint Knife, Mirkwood Offering, Still Life
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"You have begun yearning for something... more. The Will to Power is the first step on the left-hand path of domination, and it is not without consequence."

The 'Will to Power' is the first skill for any offensive actions. It unlocks the 'Attack' and 'Push' options from the action menu, allows players to spar with one another and unlocks the 'Up Yours' emote from the emote menu. This should be one of the first skills obtained on a new account due to its low cost and being a prerequisite for some of the most important skills in the game.

In-game description of the skill warns of "consequence" but simply unlocking the skill is completely harmless. Using 'Push' on other players does leave Scents that can be used to track you down. Presuming that the skill's description predates implementation of 'Push' it may instead be meant as foreshadowing for the various Crime skills that 'Will to Power' leads to.