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"Blood fell on the icy moor,
Where brother slew brother,
When Alfthing's line was broken."

LP Cost 100,000
Hearth Magic(s) Unlocked None
Required By (0) Nothing
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"Murder gives you the ability to be in combat with a knocked out Hearthling who is not currently enjoying Knockout Protection, for example a Hearthling in a Murderous Rage, allowing you the potentiality to slay them."

"And the Lord said unto Cain, Where is Abel thy brother? And he said, I know not: Am I my brother's keeper?"

-Genesis, 4:9

Murder does quite exactly as it implies, and grants you other, more effective ways, of ending the lives of your fellow Hearthlings.

Murderous Rage

In-game text:

"Entering into a Murderous Rage cancels your Knockout Protection, allowing other Hearthlings the possibility of having combat relations with you after you have been knocked out, and preventing you from traveling to your Hearth Fire or logging out while knocked out. A Murderous Rage increases the amount of Grievous Damage you deal in combat."

Once activated, it will last for 24 real life hours, during which all attacks deal 20% increased Grievous Damage, or in other wounds, give 20% more HHP wounds to your opponent. This makes it a good deal easier to murder someone by hitting high damage attacks, preferably one huge finishing attack like a Cleave.

While in a Murderous Rage you cannot teleport to your Hearth Fire or log out when KOed if your target also has murder, because you will still be in combat, your only choice is to hope your opponent has mercy on you.

As such, Murderous Rage should only be used if you accept the risk and want the highest chance of slaughtering someone.

How to not get murdered

If you don't have murderous rage active on yourself when you are downed, players are forced respect Knockout Protection. Unlike certain wild animals.

Note: Leeches can be "reverse pick pocketed" into your equipment slots while downed by players intent to kill you, check for those when your character wakes up and use Ctrl+clicking on them to quickly and directly drop them off.

Murderous Rage only helps attackers to deal lethal damage more easily/likely with a finishing move like Cleave that has potential to deal enough HHP damage to directly kill you instead of KO.

Important thing is to not only have high pool of hitpoints, but also to not have wounds. Concussion damage, at least, scales from your MHP regardless of how much your actual HHP is.

Wearing Armor also helps. Not letting enemy create full Openings will reduce their damage potential, but (WIP, there are ton of nuances I'm not sure how to address.)

Game Development

  • An Arrow to the Knee (2020-02-02) >"Added new ability "Murderous Rage". Murderous Rage increases your Griveous Damage dealt by +20%, but removes your Knockout Protection while active. While active, you cannot fast travel to your Hearth Fire or Log Out while you are knocked out, and your combat relations are not automatically terminated on Knockout. A Murderous Rage lasts for 24 RL hours once activated."
  • An Arrow to the Knee (2020-02-02) >"NB: Murder does not allow you to ignore Knockout protection completely, rather, it allows you to Murder anyone without Knockout Protection, which can presently be removed only through an active "Murderous Rage" buff. Knockout Protection is thus effectively canceled when you have Murder, and the opponent is in a Murderous Rage."
  • An Arrow to the Knee (2020-02-02) >"Added new/old skill "Murder". Murder allows you to have combat relations with people who do not enjoy knockout protection, and unlocks the new ability "Murderous Rage"."