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Pocket Bundle (2023-01-17)

Patch Date Pages -- Remark
Pocket Bundle 2023-01-17 Bundle, Stack -- (New Implementations)
Added "Bundles"(now called stacks). Some items -- presently: Bugs, Fish, Hides, Raw Meat, Boughs, Branches, Flowers, Metal Nuggets and Nuts -- can be combined into a "Bundle". Bundles are effectively little containers for the relevant item type. To create a bundle, simply hold one such type of item, and right-click another. Barter Stands will always sell items in bundles, rather than bundles as such. Bundles can be dropped as such, but removing the last item from a bundle will make it disappear. Feel free to suggest additions or changes.
Pocket Bundle 2023-01-17 Pocket, Gilding -- (New Implementations)
Added "Pockets". There is now a set of 7 pockets which can be used to gild various pieces of gear. Each pocket extends your base inventory by some amount of extra squares. Do note that this allows for the creation of non-column/row complete player inventories.
Pocket Bundle 2023-01-17 Barter Stand, Barter Pole -- (New Implementations)
Added "Barter Area"s. Right-Clicking a Giving or Taking hand from a Barter Stand allows you to designate an area from/to which to draw/put items in barter transactions. We imagine that the implementation could eventually replace the somewhat clunky and imprecise Barter Poles, but the latter haven't been deprecated yet. The stands will draw from/put in any containers in the area designated, much like Barter Poles have historically allowed stands to use containers within their radius.
Pocket Bundle 2023-01-17 Creel, Wicker Picker, Toolbelt, Exquisite Belt, Grand Belt, Hunter's Belt, Poor Man's Belt, Reedweave Belt, Snakeskin Belt, Troll Belt -- (Key Fixes)
Reworked equipped container items slightly (Wicker Pickers, Belts, Creels). They can now be picked up and held on the cursor while containing things, and can also be dropped to the ground and placed in non-player inventories. The only restrictions placed upon them is that they cannot be opened while not equipped, and that they cannot be placed in player inventories.
Pocket Bundle 2023-01-17 Barrel -- (Small Fixes)
If you play the chord Ctrl-Shift-RMB on a barrel containing some substance, you will attempt to draw as much as possible of the substance from the barrel, rather than the normal single unit Shift-RMB would give you. Would be really cool if these chords were documented somewhere in a tooltip, or w/e(whatever).
Pocket Bundle 2023-01-17 Barter Stand, Barter Pole -- (Small Fixes)
Named Taking/Giving Barter Hands will now retain their names even if you re-"Connect" to draw a new hand from the stand. Note that this only works for hands named after this patch. Hand names persist over resetting the hands, basically.

Stack of Stacks (2023-03-07)

Patch Date Pages -- Remark
Stack of Stacks 2023-03-07 Bundle, Stack -- (New Implementations)
Implemented item stacking proper. Certain items -- e.g. those which we had previously added bundles for, along with some others, notably stone -- now stack in type restricted stacks using the same icon and inventory size as a single item of that type.
:Stacks are formed by right-clicking a stackable item with another item of the same type. Holding Shift while right-clicking will draw the maximum amount of such items into the stack, and holding Shift-Ctrl will attempt to create as many such stacks as you can from your current inventory.
:Actions acquiring resources from nature (e.g. picking branches) tend to auto-stack whatever you're acquiring, whereas inventory transfers normally preserve existing stacks.
:The local inventory of a stack is available on mouseover. You can pick items, mousewheel them out, &c&c.
:Holding a stack and right-clicking another stack, or item of the type, will combine the stackables. Holding Alt while thus right-clicking will leave the combined stack on your cursor.
:You can Shift-Right-click a stack to move one item out of it. You can Shift-Ctrl-Right-click to empty the stack entirely.
:With this, we have naturally removed the ability to create new bundles.
Stack of Stacks 2023-03-07 Stack, Creel, Wicker Picker, Keyring, Toolbelt, Exquisite Belt, Grand Belt, Hunter's Belt, Poor Man's Belt, Reedweave Belt, Snakeskin Belt, Troll Belt -- (New Implementations)
Sub-inventories (stacks, belts, keyrings, creels, &c) are now permanently available to the client. You can drag sub-inventories to detach them as traditional inventory windows.
Stack of Stacks 2023-03-07 <No Pages> -- (New Implementations)
Added a "Drink" action, as it has been repeatedly requested. (Adventure->Drink). This drink action simply invokes the normal auto-drinking behavior of drinking from any hotkeyed vessel, which may be less than what you expect from a perfect drink action, but it was easy enough to implement. Feel entirely free to suggest changes.
Stack of Stacks 2023-03-07 <No Pages> -- (New Implementations)
When picking up hotbelt-bound items with Ctrl+number key, the item now saves the inventory it was in and the position it had therein, restoring it to the same place when using the same Ctrl+number key again to put it back.
Stack of Stacks 2023-03-07 (GFX) -- (Key Fixes)
Redrew a whole bunch of icons in higher resolution, notably the ones under the "Buildings & Construction" submenu of the "Build" menu.
Stack of Stacks 2023-03-07 <No Pages> -- (Key Fixes)
Cleaned up the Adventure submenu a bit, giving blue, rather than green, backgrounds to most actions under it, and moving Fire related recipes to a specific submenu.
Stack of Stacks 2023-03-07 Claim, Personal Claim, Village Claim -- (Key Fixes)
Simple item drops should now, much like objects, remember their Last Owner, meaning that if you drop something on claimed land, you should be able to pick it back up again.
Stack of Stacks 2023-03-07 Kiln, Oven, Stack Furnace, Ore Smelter, Finery Forge, Steel Crucible -- (Key Fixes)
Fixed the old fuel bug and removed the work-around for it. Ovens/smelters/&c. no longer reset their progress when burning out, rather each item therein tracks the average fuel quality it has seen while burning, and uses that upon completion.
Stack of Stacks 2023-03-07 <No Pages> -- (Small Fixes)
Cattle roster should update properly when animals are branded.
Stack of Stacks 2023-03-07 <No Pages> -- (Small Fixes)
Fixed a bug which would sometimes cause pockets to not be counted toward the final inventory size.
Stack of Stacks 2023-03-07 <No Pages> -- (Small Fixes)
Fishing nets and lobster pots should now lie correctly on the water surface, rather than on the lake/river/ocean bed.
Stack of Stacks 2023-03-07 <No Pages> -- (Addendum Changes (1))
When mousewheeling into inventories that only accept some items (eg. herbalist tables, smelters, &c), the transfer will try to find items in stacks (and also other container items) to see if something matches. It's a general mechanism, so I'm not sure if it might have some unintended consequences that are less desirable, but I haven't found any obvious yet.
Stack of Stacks 2023-03-07 <No Pages> -- (Addendum Changes (1))
The Drink action still uses the general autodrink mechanism that is invoked when out of stamina, but this mechanism has been augmented such that, if you have nothing drinkable bound to your hotbelt, it looks for anything drinkable that your character has. The intention is that if you don't care what you auto-drink or the order in which they are prioritized, just don't bind anything, and if you do, you can bind the things you want to drink.
Stack of Stacks 2023-03-07 <No Pages> -- (Addendum Changes (1))
If a chippable boulder is in the way when area-mining, the character will first prefer to chip down said rock. Hopefully this lessens the problem with boulders preventing area-mining.
Stack of Stacks 2023-03-07 <No Pages> -- (Addendum Changes (1))
The following things now stack: Feathers, entrails, intestines, animal fat, rendered fat, butter, eggs, and bone material.

Foxhole Foxtrot (2023-05-11)

Patch Date Pages -- Remark
Foxhole Foxtrot 2023-05-11 Dungeon, Fox Hole -- (New Implementations)
Added "Fox Holes". Little mini "dungeons" that spawn every here and there. Significantly more mundane and common than the major Dungeons.
Foxhole Foxtrot 2023-05-11 Stack, Ants, Ant Empress, Ant Larvae, Ant Pupae, Ant Queen, Ant Soldiers, Aphids -- (Key Fixes)
"Ant"s, "Herb"s (e.g. most mushrooms, lady's mantles, &c) now stack.
Foxhole Foxtrot 2023-05-11 Barter Stand, Barter Pole -- (Key Fixes)
Barter (Hand) Areas can now overlap with internal house structures, such as doors and stairs.
Foxhole Foxtrot 2023-05-11 Elven Lights, Yule Star, Candy Cane -- (Small Fixes)
"Yule Lights(Elven Lights)", "Yule Star" & "Candy Cane" no longer count as "Herb"s.
Foxhole Foxtrot 2023-05-11 Barter Stand, Stack -- (Small Fixes)
Barter Stands now recurse into stacks and containers (e.g. purses) when looking for payment.
Foxhole Foxtrot 2023-05-11 <No Pages> -- (Small Fixes)
Fixed an obscure bug which could cause you to teleport to illegal tiles during seasonal transitions.
Foxhole Foxtrot 2023-05-11 <No Pages> -- (Small Fixes)
Reworked a fair amount of icons under the "Build" menu to higher resolution versions.

Realm of Toads (2023-05-28)

Patch Date Pages -- Remark
Realm of Toads 2023-05-28 Toadflax -- (New Implementations)
Giant Toads may now appear, enthroned on boulders, lording over a kingdom of flowers. They may also disappear!
Realm of Toads 2023-05-28 Realm, Thingwall -- (Key Fixes)
Fixed a bug by which it was possible to maintain perpetual challenges against realms by walling off War flags. War Flags are now gradually lowered over time whenever they fail to trace a path to their challenged Thingwall, disappearing if their flag is lowered entirely. Flags now graphically begin midway up the pole to compensate, but this implies no change to the actual timers involved.
Realm of Toads 2023-05-28 Realm, Coronation Stone -- (Key Fixes)
Realms which lose their final province will have their coronation stone destroyed some time, approximately eight RL hours, or one ingame day, thereafter.
Realm of Toads 2023-05-28 Realm -- (Key Fixes)
Realms founded in the capital province of another realm now abide by the normal rules of Realm challenge windows, and may no longer challenge for control of the province during every challenge window.
Realm of Toads 2023-05-28 Ashes, Firebrand -- (Small Fixes)
Ash produced from extinguishing firebrands is now created at half the quality of the Firebrand.
Realm of Toads 2023-05-28 Stack, Seed of Tree or Bush -- (Small Fixes)
Tree Seeds now stack 4 units high.
Realm of Toads 2023-05-28 (GFX) -- (Small Fixes)
Redrew various icons under the "Furniture" build menu in higher resolution.
Realm of Toads 2023-05-28 Stack, Silkmoth -- (Small Fixes)
Male and Female "Silk Moth"s no longer stack together, which should prevent eggs from ending up in silkmoth stacks. Existing such stacks are unaffected.

Lupine Labyrinth (2023-06-06)

Patch Date Pages -- Remark
Lupine Labyrinth 2023-06-06 Dungeon, Wolf's Lair -- (New Implementations)
Added "Wolf's Lair"s, a minor Dungeon type much like "Foxhole"s!
Lupine Labyrinth 2023-06-06 Lupine -- (Additional discovered stuff) - Others.
Additional "Wolf's Lair"s specific curiosity/herb "Lupine".

Loose Velvet (2023-06-22)

Patch Date Pages -- Remark
Loose Velvet 2023-06-22 Loose Rock, Mining -- (New Implementations)
Implemented "Loose Rock". Loose Rock spawns where previously we used to spawn Cave Slimes or Boreworms. Mining near it may cause it to collapse, spawning random things, for example Cave Slimes or Boreworms. Destroying it will cause it to spawn random things. Loose Rock interrupts area mining should it spawn. I think of Loose Rock as a Mine Piñata, and I suggest you do the same.
Loose Velvet 2023-06-22 Mine Support, Stone Column, Mine Beam, Mining -- (Key Fixes)
The higher tier mine supports have been given more HP (1.5x, 2.0x, respectively.).
Loose Velvet 2023-06-22 Mine Support, Stone Column, Mine Beam, Mining -- (Key Fixes)
Mine Supports now take less damage when preventing cave ins (about 0.5x). When a Mine Support prevents a cave in, the normal collapsing stone effect is played on it to indicate that.
Loose Velvet 2023-06-22 Ore, Mining -- (Key Fixes)
Ore Quality variance now takes effect per tile, rather than per piece of ore. This means that, all other things being equal, all ore from any single mine tile will be of uniform quality.
Loose Velvet 2023-06-22 Cavedust, Mine Support, Stone Column, Mine Beam, Mining -- (Key Fixes)
When outside the protection of a mine support, encountering a mine warning tile (e.g. one near a cavein tile, where cave dust falls) will interrupt area mining operations.
Loose Velvet 2023-06-22 Stack, Soil, Clay, Brick, Finer Plant Fibre, Flax Fibre, Hemp Fibre, Wool, Carrot, Beetroot, Turnip, Any Onion, Crying Red Onion, Crying Yellow Onion, Leek, Red Onion, Yellow Onion, Champignon, Peapod, Peppercorn, Boiled Pepper Drupe, Dried Pepper Drupe, Hop Cones, Grapes, Raisins, Prune, Chum Bait -- (Small Fixes)
Several things now stack: Soil, Clay, Bricks, Plant Fibre, Wool, Carrots, Beets, Turnips, all Onion types, Champignons, Peapods, Pepper (Boiled or not), Hops, Grapes, Raisins, Prunes and Chum Bait.
Loose Velvet 2023-06-22 Food Trough, Barrel -- (Small Fixes)
"Food Trough"s are now effectively implemented as a specific type of barrel, meaning they will present the same GUI as barrels, complete with, most importantly, an "Empty" button.
Loose Velvet 2023-06-22 <No Pages> -- (Small Fixes)
Picking up a toad with a hat on should now drop the hat to the ground, rather than send it to eternal limbo.

World 15 (2023-10-13)

Patch Date Pages -- Remark
World 15 2023-10-13 <No Pages> -- (SIEGE & REALMS)
Reworked siege
World 15 2023-10-13 <No Pages> -- (SIEGE & REALMS)
Removed "siege power" and "siege boost" from claims and villages. Battering rams and catapults can now attack all objects after 24 hours, quite simply. The difference between palisades and brick walls are back to being their respective health.
World 15 2023-10-13 <No Pages> -- (SIEGE & REALMS)
Battering rams and catapults can now be hand-bashed significantly faster, down from 4 hours to 5 minutes.
World 15 2023-10-13 <No Pages> -- (SIEGE & REALMS)
Siege machines can now only be built and operated in provinces where the Thing Peace has been broken.
World 15 2023-10-13 <No Pages> -- (SIEGE & REALMS)
The Thing Peace in a province is broken by challenging the Thingwall of the province. This works similar to the current Thingwall challenges between realms, in that the challenge needs to be in direct line of sight of the Thingwall, takes three hours to complete, and is only destructible during the last 20 minutes of its life. However, it can be built by anyone (not just realm owners), in any quantity (you can place 10 simultaneous challenges if for any reason you would like to).
World 15 2023-10-13 <No Pages> -- (SIEGE & REALMS)
The Thing Peace challenge requires some amount of precious metal to build. If destroyed, this precious metal is given back in the area where it is destroyed for anyone (presumably its attackers and/or defenders) to pick up, hopefully giving some incentive to third parties to destroy challenges.
World 15 2023-10-13 <No Pages> -- (SIEGE & REALMS)
If a realm controls a province in which the Thing Peace is being challenged, they are given notifications thereof similar to their notification for take-over challenges.
World 15 2023-10-13 <No Pages> -- (SIEGE & REALMS)
If a challenge is successfully defended, the Thing Peace is broken for 48 RL hours. During this time, subsequent challenges can still be placed for whatsoever reason to extend the breaking of the Thing Peace.
World 15 2023-10-13 Palisade, Brickwall -- (SIEGE & REALMS)
Removed the mechanic where walls need to be repaired up to full health over a significant amount of time. This was already a holdover from a previous siege regime and hasn't been necessary for quite some time, so this is really just a clean-up.
World 15 2023-10-13 <No Pages> -- (SIEGE & REALMS)
The sum of the effect is to, hopefully, make siege a shorter-lasting affair, but also more defensible, and perhaps also to give third parties (including but not limited to realms) some incentive to guard the Thing Peace.
World 15 2023-10-13 Character Creation -- (FOOD & ENERGY)
New characters now start at full (10000%) energy.
World 15 2023-10-13 <No Pages> -- (FOOD & ENERGY)
If energy is below Healing (8000%) when eating, the only effect of eating is to gain energy. FEPs, hunger, satiations &c are only affected when eating while Healing.
:If feasting (eating by a table) you always gain both FEPs and Hunger, irrespective of your current Energy.
World 15 2023-10-13 Terraforming -- (FOOD & ENERGY)
The "hard-labor cap" (for digging and mining) has been set to 2500% energy instead of the current 5000%.
World 15 2023-10-13 <No Pages> -- (STORE & SUBSCRIPTIONS)
To extend the usefulness of Sketches in World 15, we intend to make it so that a total of up to two sketches can be applied to any mundane container (e.g. Chests, Wicker Baskets, Cupboards, &c), to extend that inventory in size by one row, and/or one column.
World 15 2023-10-13 Lava -- (Additional discovered stuff)
Hot Lava was added as new terrain type.
World 15 2023-10-13 Orange, Orange Tree -- (Additional discovered stuff)
Orange tree and Oranges stuff where added.
World 15 2023-10-13 <No Pages> -- (Additional discovered stuff)
New crops progressing was added. (still under discovery)
World 15 2023-10-13 <No Pages> -- (Additional discovered stuff)
New (known) crops: Wild Gourd, Wild Onion, Wild Tuber, Wildflower, String Grass, ...
World 15 2023-10-13 Miniature Volcano -- (Additional discovered stuff)
New curiosities added: Miniature Volcano.

Stacks of Shrimp (2023-10-22)

Patch Date Pages -- Remark
Stacks of Shrimp 2023-10-22 Leaf Cup -- (New Implementations)
Added new drinking vessel "Leaf Cup", made from two leaves.
Stacks of Shrimp 2023-10-22 Skills -- (New Implementations)
Added new skill "Firecrafts", moved "Roasting Spit", "Fireplace", and related recipes to it.
Stacks of Shrimp 2023-10-22 Skills -- (New Implementations)
Added new skill "Cooking", moved several cooking recipes to it, including several previously under "Baking".
Stacks of Shrimp 2023-10-22 Bay Shrimp -- (New Implementations)
"Bay Shrimp" can now be boiled in Cauldrons.
Stacks of Shrimp 2023-10-22 Stack -- (Key Fixes)
Most interactions should now be possible to perform through stacks. You can right-click a stack to interact with an item in it, you can hold the stack and right click the map or an object to perform the normal item interaction with that, e.g. forming new stockpiles, adding to stockpiles, adding fuel, &c. Mileage may vary around edge cases as the implementation is perhaps not a thing of perfect beauty, but it felt like a major improvement. Report any strangeness.
Stacks of Shrimp 2023-10-22 Quest -- (Key Fixes)
Quests now attempt to take seasonality and availability into greater account when generating. Fewer quests should be generated off-season, and, early world, the quests should be less likely to ask for things globally undiscovered.
Stacks of Shrimp 2023-10-22 Stack, Bay Shrimp, Treebark, Birchbark, Tough Bark, Swamplily Leaf Shred, Leather, Round Clam, Razor Clam, River Pearl Mussel -- (Small Fixes)
Bay Shrimp, Bark, Lilyshreds, Leather, Clams & Mussels now stack.
Stacks of Shrimp 2023-10-22 Wellspring -- (Small Fixes)
Added a minimap icon for natural Wellsprings.
Stacks of Shrimp 2023-10-22 Horse -- (Small Fixes)
Horses leashed to objects ignore Raw Hide.
Stacks of Shrimp 2023-10-22 Kuksa -- (Small Fixes)
Increased volume of "Kuksa" from 0.4l to 0.8l.

Crafting Cartographer (2023-10-30)

Patch Date Pages -- Remark
Crafting Cartographer 2023-10-30 <No Pages> -- (New Implementations)
Added support for optional specification of whether natural features should save permanent markers to the map. You can toggle this state for most natural wonders (Crystal Patches, Salt Basins, Heartwood Trees, &c) under the "Icon Settings" menu, which by default save permanent map markers. Additionally, many other terrain objects have been updated to be optionally savable, even if disabled by default, notably: Dungeons, Caves, Amber Washes, Clam Reefs, &c. Feel free to request additional terrain features be made map markable.
Crafting Cartographer 2023-10-30 <No Pages> -- (New Implementations)
Note: In order to facilitate this change, we need to disable server side specification of saving of certain objects. We have deferred doing so until custom client makers have a chance to merge these changes to their clients. As such, objects which have hitherto been saved automatically to the map cannot actually be turned off quite yet.
Crafting Cartographer 2023-10-30 <No Pages> -- (New Implementations)
It is now possible to manually "Remove" natural object markers from the map.
Crafting Cartographer 2023-10-30 <No Pages> -- (Key Fixes)
Reworked the server side crafting interface to automatically detect changes to recursive inventories, e.g. stacks and toolbelts. The immediate effect of this is that you now should not have to "reopen" a crafting recipe to select materials which have been added to an inner inventory, but also that stacks should now handle crafting more gracefully. There may be edge cases to this, so keep an eye out for undesired side effects.
Crafting Cartographer 2023-10-30 <No Pages> -- (Key Fixes)
Unavailable inventory slots caused by the uneven slot additions from pockets are now shaded a darker tone of green, to better indicate the actual size of your inventory.
Crafting Cartographer 2023-10-30 <No Pages> -- (Key Fixes)
Increased support for having logic to determine which item to pick when auto-switching from belt. Should, for now, imply that shovels are picked over axes when destroying stumps.
Crafting Cartographer 2023-10-30 <No Pages> -- (Small Fixes)
Beet Leaves, Hardened Leather and Snow now stack.
Crafting Cartographer 2023-10-30 <No Pages> -- (Small Fixes)
"Wooden Cup" moved to skill "Lumberjacking", from "Carpentry".

Bullfinch Falls (2023-11-14)

Patch Date Pages -- Remark
Bullfinch Falls 2023-11-14 (GFX) -- (New Implementations)
Added an effect to flowing/leaning water tiles, aka waterfalls. Note that this is a pretty WIP effect, but one that we felt pretty hyped about nonetheless. Do note that you need to update your client to see the effect.
Bullfinch Falls 2023-11-14 Bullfinch -- (New Implementations)
Added "Bullfinch", birb. Comes in male and female variants.
Bullfinch Falls 2023-11-14 Palisade, Brickwall -- (Key Fixes)
Walls can now cascade through open gates. Also fixed a bug by which wall cornerposts never cascaded westward.
Bullfinch Falls 2023-11-14 Archery, Hunter's Bow, Ranger's Bow, Sling, Boar Spear -- (Small Fixes)
Moving now interrupts ranged weapon aiming, including if you are a passenger on a mount.
Bullfinch Falls 2023-11-14 Pelican's Pouch -- (Small Fixes)
Fixed an issue by which it was possible to drink from hotkeyed vessels in belts stuffed in e.g. pelican pouches.

Misty Badger (2023-11-26)

Patch Date Pages -- Remark
Misty Badger 2023-11-26 Dungeon, Badger, Badger Sett -- (New Implementations)
Added "Badger Sett"s. Mini Dungeons for Badgers. Much winning!
Misty Badger 2023-11-26 (GFX) -- (New Implementations)
Added some misty particles at the foot of waterfalls. Much immersion!
Misty Badger 2023-11-26 Hunger, Character Creation -- (Key Fixes)
Fixed "Hungercide". Hunger level is now inherited from your immediate ancestor.
Misty Badger 2023-11-26 Stack, Coal, Stitched Casing -- (Small Fixes)
Coal and "Stitched Casing"s all now stack.
Misty Badger 2023-11-26 Badger Hair, Badger's Pouch, Badger Sett -- (Additional discovered stuff)
Added: "Badger Hair" & "Badger's Pouch" to go with "Badger Sett"s.

Wormhole Claim (2023-12-10)

Patch Date Pages -- Remark
Wormhole Claim 2023-12-10 Boreworm Hole -- (New Implementations)
Added "Boreworm Hole"s. A mini dungeon which can appear when mining out tiles.
Wormhole Claim 2023-12-10 Personal Claim, A Bond of Blood & Soil -- (Key Fixes)
Transfer of ownership of a private claim is now an explicit act which can be performed by holding the claim's bond item, and right-clicking the Hearthling you wish to transfer the claim to. You can no longer study "Bond of Blood & Soil"s to gain control over private claims.
Wormhole Claim 2023-12-10 <No Pages> -- (Key Fixes) General bug/improvement fix.
Increased the line of sight requirements for "War Flag"s when targeting "Thingwall"s, to avoid some wall-in cheese.
Wormhole Claim 2023-12-10 <No Pages> -- (Key Fixes) General bug/improvement fix.
Updated the teleport algorithm to further reduce/eliminate the chances of ending up in walled compounds when traveling to Thingwalls.
Wormhole Claim 2023-12-10 <No Pages> -- (Small Fixes) General bug/improvement fix.
Improved the teleport algorithm's ability to find valid positions in narrow/tight landing spots.

Rednosed Yule (2023-12-21)

Patch Date Pages -- Remark
Rednosed Yule 2023-12-21 Reindeer, Taming -- (New Implementations)
Reindeer are now tamable! The male and female default names are, of course, "Rudolph" and "Cupid". Reindeer are draft animals capable of pulling Sleighs and Wagons. (Cheese and milk pending.)
Rednosed Yule 2023-12-21 Sleigh, Reindeer -- (New Implementations)
Added a "Sleigh". A vehicle which works much like the wagon, except it is faster on snow, and ice, and when pulled by a Reindeer.
Rednosed Yule 2023-12-21 Forager, Bunny Slippers -- (Key Fixes) General bug/improvement fix.
Speed buffs from "Forager" credo and "Bunny Slippers" have been inverted. Rather than making you run faster, they now make animals chased run slower.
Rednosed Yule 2023-12-21 Pelican's Pouch -- (Key Fixes) General bug/improvement fix.
Belts & Creels can no longer be placed inside other container items, e.g. Pelican's Pouches.
Rednosed Yule 2023-12-21 <No Pages> -- (Key Fixes) General bug/improvement fix.
As they no longer should be possible to use offensively: Removed siege notifications for Wrecking Balls.
Rednosed Yule 2023-12-21 Cave -- (Key Fixes) General bug/improvement fix.
Added a small build exclusion zone around cave entrances/exits.
Rednosed Yule 2023-12-21 Champignon -- (Small Fixes)
Champignons now count as alchemical ingredients.
Rednosed Yule 2023-12-21 <No Pages> -- (Small Fixes) General bug/improvement fix.
Added a tree icon for "Acacia".