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Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Mining
Object(s) Required Cave Entrance or Mine Hole
Produced By Mining Tool
Required By Slag
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Ore is not an actual in-game-object but a generic term referring to one of the following 17 game-objects:  Black Ore Black Ore.png   Bloodstone Bloodstone.png   Cassiterite Cassiterite.png   Chalcopyrite Chalcopyrite.png   Cinnabar Cinnabar.png   Direvein Direvein.png   Galena Galena.png   Heavy Earth Heavy Earth.png   Horn Silver Horn Silver.png   Iron Ochre Iron Ochre.png   Lead Glance Lead Glance.png   Leaf Ore Leaf Ore.png   Malachite Malachite.png   Meteorite Meteorite.png   Peacock Ore Peacock Ore.png   Schrifterz Schrifterz.png   Silvershine Silvershine.png 

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Ore is the general material you receive from mining walls in Caves or Mine Holes that contain metals. It must be smelted in an Ore Smelter to extract the usable metal, although it sometimes smelts into Slag (which is affected by your skills, see below). Ore is a type of stone, so it can also be used as pavement and to build with.

How to Acquire

Ore is obtained by mining in a Cave or Mine Hole built over a metal node.


The Ore(and Stone) quality based on node and is softcapped by a tool used(Pickaxe, Stone Axe etc.) and hardcapped by the miner's Masonry skill.


  • The chance of the Ore becoming a bar/nugget is calculated at the moment the ore is mined. The following skills increase this chance: Metal Working, Tunneling, Metallurgy, and Deep Artifice.
  • Ore also counts as stone and can be stacked into existing stone stockpiles, so be careful you don't accidentally use it up in recipes or construction. Ore stockpiles, and ore in stone stockpiles, count as Soil when landscaping.

List of ores

Ore Vein Found on Level (and deeper) Smelts into Smelt chance Real name
Cassiterite.png Cassiterite Vein-cassiterite.png 1 Bar of Tin 30%
Lead Glance.png Lead Glance Vein-lead glance.png 1 Bar of Lead 25%
Chalcopyrite.png Chalcopyrite Vein-chalcopyrite.png 1 Bar of Copper (8%) or Bar of Cast Iron (4%) 12%
Cinnabar.png Cinnabar Vein-cinnabar.png Unknown Quicksilver 12%
Malachite.png Malachite Malachite vein (greenish color) Unknown Bar of Copper 20%
Peacock Ore.png Peacock Ore Peacock Ore vein 7 Bar of Copper ~30% Also called Bornite.
Heavy Earth.png Heavy Earth Vein-heavy earth.png Unknown Bar of Cast Iron 6% Also called Ilmenite.
Iron Ochre.png Iron Ochre Vein-iron ochre.png 1 Bar of Cast Iron 12% Also called Limonite.
Bloodstone.png Bloodstone Vein-bloodstone.png Unknown Bar of Cast Iron 20% Also called Hematite.
Black Ore.png Black Ore Vein-blackore.png Unknown Bar of Cast Iron 30% Also called Magnetite.
Galena.png Galena Galena vein Unknown Silver Nugget or Bar of Lead 5%-10%
Silvershine.png Silvershine Vein-silvershine.png Unknown Silver Nugget 20% Also called Argentite.
Horn Silver.png Horn Silver Vein-horn silver.png Unknown Silver Nugget 30% Also called Chlorargyrite.
Direvein.png Direvein Direvein vein Unknown Gold Nugget or Gold Pebbles 10% Also called Petzite.
Schrifterz.png Schrifterz Schrifterz vein Unknown Gold Nugget or Gold Pebbles 20% Also called Sylvanite.
Leaf Ore.png Leaf Ore Leaf Ore vein Unknown Gold Nugget or Gold Pebbles 25% Also called Nagyagite.
Meteorite.png Meteorite Falling Star Outside Bar of Metiron ?? Also called Plessite.