Stone Axe

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Stone Axe
Stone Axe.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Primitive Tools
Object(s) Required Stone, Branch
Produced By Hand
Specific Type of Sharp Tool
Required By Block of Mirkwood, Block of Wood, Log, Old Trunk, Petrified Seashell, Rock Crystal, Strange Crystal, Strange Root, Stump, (Sharp Tool: Ant Meat, Bat Wings, Beast Unborn, Boreworm Meat, Cave Louse Meat, Chasm Conch Meat, Chicken Meat, Eagle Owl Meat, Entrails, Filet of Abyss Gazer, Filet of Asp, Filet of Bass, Filet of Brill, Filet of Burbot, Filet of Carp, Filet of Catfish, Filet of Cave Sculpin, Filet of Cavelacanth, Filet of Chub, Filet of Cod, Filet of Eel, Filet of Grayling, Filet of Haddock, Filet of Herring, Filet of Lavaret, Filet of Mackerel, Filet of Mullet, Filet of Pale Ghostfish, Filet of Perch, Filet of Pike, Filet of Plaice, Filet of Pomfret, Filet of Roach, Filet of Rose Fish, Filet of Ruffe, Filet of Saithe, Filet of Salmon, Filet of Silver Bream, Filet of Sturgeon, Filet of Tench, Filet of Trout, Filet of Whiting, Filet of Zander, Filet of Zope, Fresh Adder Hide, Fresh Aurochs Hide, Fresh Badger Hide, Fresh Bat Hide, Fresh Bear Hide, Fresh Beaver Hide... further results)
QL10 Equipment Statistics
Slot(s) Occupied 5L or 5R
Damage 30
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The Stone Axe is an early game tool, commonly the first tool to be crafted. It is required to chop trees and logs, shear a sheep, flay and butcher animals. It can also be used as a weapon.

An axe is required to cut a log into blocks. Different types of logs provide different amounts of blocks, see more here.

It increases the speed of destroying objects (+1 damage when destroying) and scales with quality of skins, raw meats, intestines, and entrails when skinning and butchering.


The quality of a stone axe is the average of materials used, and is softcapped by Intelligence and Survival.


Metal Axe, increase yield of blocks by + ~25% and increase chopping speed .

Woodsman's Axe chopping speed is higher than of Metal Axe.