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Vital statistics
Size 1 x 2
Skill(s) RequiredSpecific needed skills.<br>The default skills every Heartling starts off with, Oral Tradition, Primitive Tools & Wilderness Survival), are ignored. Boat Building
Object(s) Required Log
Repaired With Block of Wood
Can be Lifted Yes
Hit Points 75
Soak Value 1
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A Dugout is a crude water-going craft made from a tree log and, can hold only one person and no cargo. They travel at run speed in water.


Dugouts are built by clicking the dugout portrait in the craft menu (B>V>D) and left-clicking a log. The dugout can't be used immediately however, it will appear rugged on the interior. To make the dugout usable you need to burn the interior by lighting it on fire (with a firebrand for instance). It will take 1 in-game hour (approx 20 IRL minutes) for the dugout to burn out and become usable.

To board a Dugout, place the dugout in water then right-click on the boat when it's on a water tile. When you are ready to leave the dugout, you must press Ctrl+left-click in the direction you wish to get out. If you have swimming, be careful you do not select to get out into deep water while swimming is enabled (disabled by default) or you may accidentally drown. Those without the Swimming skill do not need to worry since the game will prevent you from exiting the rowboat into deep water without the skill.

You can fish while sitting in a dugout.

You can use dugout to travel along coast of the ocean, but High Seas will destroy your dugout almost immediately.

Dugouts can be used in bogs and swamps, unlike rowboats.


  • You can pick up liftable objects while sitting in a boat.
  • Dugout speed - 4.54 tiles per second.
  • Boats, just like wagons, can travel freely through claimed areas without the need for criminal action. (Exit the boat with care when doing so.)
  • You can harvest the log (for blocks and/or boards) up to 99% before digging it out into a boat.
  • Dugouts will be destroyed upon entering the darker, very-deep ocean water. You will be ejected swimming and you will drown and die. Do not ever, under any circumstance short of suicide, take the dugout far out to sea.
  • (In some cases cliffs next to water are ignored when jumping back in a dugout parked on the other side. - Probably fix ...)
  • Lighting a dugout can (also) be done by lifting it, and then clicking on a fire source.
    • A burning dugout can't be lifted of the ground. Or ... taken out from any container that will take it. - Cart, Leanto, etc.
  • In shallow water one can use a dugout to Pull a Cart.


Game Development

  • Tar Plow (2021-05-23) >""Coracle"s, "Dugout"s, "Raft"s and "Rowboat"s now all show "Seaworthiness" meters."
  • Pushing Millet (2019-02-12) >"Added a burnout mechanic to Dugouts. In order to construct a Dugout you now need to first carve them, and then light them on fire to hollow them out. The burnout lasts for about an ingame hour. Should hopefully make them a tad less throw-away."
  • Lettuce Imagine (2015-10-20) >"Lifting a boat now evicts anyone logged out in it, preventing him or her from relogging to the boat. This to prevent teleportation by boat."