Block of Wood

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Block of Wood
Block of Wood.png
Vital statistics
Size 2 x 1
Stockpile Block of Wood (80)
Skill(s) RequiredSpecific needed skills.<br>The default skills every hearthling starts off with, Oral Tradition, Primitive Tools & Wilderness Survival), are ignored. None, (Lumberjacking)
Object(s) Required Log, Stump, or Bush
Produced By Stone Axe, Metal Axe, Shovel, Metal Shovel
Required By (172) Ancestral Shrine, Antler Steak Cutlery, Arched Chair, Archery Target, Archery Tower, Ashes, Bagpipe, Barter Pole, Barter Stand, Battering Ram, Battle Standard, Bee Skep, Birdhouse, Border Cairn, Box of Matches, Bug Collection, Bull Pipe, Bushcraft Fishingpole, Butcher's Cleaver, Cart, Catapult, Cellar, Cheese Rack, Chef's Pin, Chicken Coop, Churn, Cigar Box, Cistern, Clay Cauldron, Clogs, Cloth Armchair, Cloth Chair, Cloth Footstool, Coal, Compost Bin, Coracle, Cottage Table, Cottage Throne, Curding Tub, Cushioned Bench, Cushioned Stool, Demijohn, Display Case, Dovecote, Dressing Table, Drum & Sticks, Everglowing Ember, Exquisite Chest, Extraction Press, Feather Duster... further results
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The quality of the blocks is based on the quality of the tree or bush. The quality of your axe has no effect.

How to Acquire

Blocks of wood are produced by chopping either a log or bush with an axe. Or by destroying a tree stump, which can be done without the Lumber jacking skill. Digging up stumps is considerably faster with a shovel, especially a metal shovel.

Removing a stump provides 4 blocks, while the amount of blocks received from logs and chopping bushes varies by type (not all bushes give blocks, see the Bush page). A Metal Axe produces more blocks than a Stone Axe, giving 50 blocks per spruce log.

Block of Wood Products

Right-clicking a block and select the "Split" option will split the blocks into 5 branches each. Branch quality obtained by splitting block of wood depend on the log and axe used, using the following formula:


  • As blocks of wood have a vast variety of uses such as fuel, but if you have got high qualities axe it is better to split them to branches to gain better qualities fuel.
  • Bushes grow fast and are easy to chop, making them ideal for getting quality blocks quickly. Elderberry Bushes are arguably the best thing to grow for quality blocks as they grow faster than trees, drop some blocks, as well as give 8 elderberries which can be eaten or used in cooking or your precious Mirkwood Offerings, which will be bolstered by some higher quality Tree or Bush Seeds.


  • Block of Mirkwood is obtained from chopping Old Trunks or digging up Old Stumps, both often found in the swamp. Any log left to rot will eventually become an old trunk.


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