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Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Stockpile Trash (80)
Object(s) Required Baked Goods, Pitbaked Goods, Firebrand, Board, Block of Wood or Bone Ash
Produced By Oven, Kiln, or Hand
Required By (9) Ashen Robes, Black Pigment, Dark Effigy, Dice, Gray Pigment, Hirdsman's Cape, Lye, Primitive Doll, Toad Butter
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The remains of overcooked food, burnt out wood or crumbled Bone Ash.
Stacks up to 1 kg

How to Acquire

  • Using a Kiln: Board can be burnt into 0.20kg of ashes total (requires 3 units of fuel), Block of Wood will burn into 0.40kg of ashes total (requires 8 units of fuel).
  • Bone Ash can be crumbled into 0.20 kg of regular ashes.
  • Firebrands placed in the inventory whilst still lit will turn into ashes. Not too efficient since they only turn into 0.01kg of ashes.
  • Left Baked Goods in a lit oven for too long.
  • Left Pitbaked Goods in Fireplace or Kiln for too long.

Source Method Produces (kg)
Board Kiln 0.20
Block of Wood Kiln 0.40
Bone Kiln 0.20


  • (Oven) Gives same quality ash as Kiln. But takes only 4 blocks per burn instead of 10.
  • (Fireplace) Gives blocks/2 ash quality, and takes at least twice as long to turn into ash.

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