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Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Storage Size 2 x 2
Skill(s) RequiredSpecific needed skills.<br>The default skills every hearthling starts off with, Oral Tradition, Primitive Tools & Wilderness Survival), are ignored. Firecrafts
Object(s) Required Stone x10
Required By (203) Ant Paste, Black Ribeye Steak, Bush Rolls, Cave Skewer, Centibab, Escargots d'Amour, Fishwrap, Fruitroast, Kebab Meat, Laurel-Crowned Roast, Liver & Onions, Lizard on Scales, Mud Ointment, Mushroom-Burst Glutton, Nutjerky, Odds & Ends, Rat-on-a-Stick, Roast Adder, Roast Ant, Roast Badger, Roast Bat, Roast Bear, Roast Beaver, Roast Bee, Roast Beef, Roast Bog Turtle, Roast Boreworm, Roast Bullfinch, Roast Cachalot, Roast Cave Louse, Roast Caverat, Roast Chasm Conch, Roast Chestnut, Roast Chevon, Roast Chicken, Roast Crab, Roast Eagle Owl, Roast Filet of Abyss Gazer, Roast Filet of Asp, Roast Filet of Bass, Roast Filet of Bream, Roast Filet of Brill, Roast Filet of Burbot, Roast Filet of Carp, Roast Filet of Catfish, Roast Filet of Cave Angler, Roast Filet of Cave Sculpin, Roast Filet of Cavelacanth, Roast Filet of Chub, Roast Filet of Cod... further results
Can be Lifted No
Has Quality No
Hit Points 40
Soak Value None
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Icon keyboard.pngBuild > Buildings & Construction > Furnaces & Fireplaces > Fireplace

A fireplace is the direct upgrade of a fire. Like a fire, it can be used as a stationary light source and is required to roast Raw Meat and fry Fried Eggs and Pancakes. Unlike a fire though, it's permanent, and can be refueled with branches, blocks of wood and coal.

The fireplace also builds heat while burning, showing as smoldering ashes when fuel runs out. As long as it's hot (represented by the red bar besides the fuel gauge), it can be relit without needing another firebrand, you need simply to add more fuel, then right click it and use "Light My Fire". Because of this you only need to light one firebrand when you log on. To fully fill a fireplace needs only 2 blocks (or 10 branches or 5 pieces of coal), which will burn for roughly 3.5 hours - ~22 min per branch, allowing you to use a torch to light furnaces from it when you need it. Even if it goes out, it will remain hot for another couple of hours and can be easily relit.

Another feature is that you can place a Roasting Spit over it to spit roast any Clean Animal Carcass and Fish or Gridiron to cook Raw Meat and Bollocks. The inventory is where you should place the pitbaked goods, with 4 branches of fuel, to cook them.

Using a branch on a partially fueled fireplace will add it to the fireplace as fuel. When fully fueled and lit, using a branch on a fireplace will turn it into a firebrand. It can always be used to light a Torch, regardless of fuel level.

How to Acquire

Build a fireplace, fill it with branches or blocks of wood, then light it using a Firebrand or Torch.

Roasting Spit alignment

The Roasting Spit handle will always be in the direction the Fireplace construction sign is facing.

FireplaceAlignment001.png FireplaceAlignment002.png


  • (Terrain) Can't be build on frozen water or inside houses/(Indoors).
  • (Quality) A fireplace has no quality level, nor has the quality of the used fuel any effect on its output.
  • (Heat) A fireplace heats up with +3 heat points after each burned up fuel point. With one fuel point taking Game: 1h 12m (Real: 22m ) to burn up. One heat point takes around Game: 3h 7m (Real: 57m ) to cool down.
  • Stuff placed inside a fireplace will be processed by the fireplace build up heat. The fireplace doesn't need to actually burn for this, other than for building up heat if its low on that.
  • Formula for stuff placed in a fireplace: Product-Q == Item-Q / 2
  • (Winter) Although a fireplace can't be build on frozen water (unlike a regular fire). It will melt frozen water if placed near it (same rough 5-tile-radius circle as with a regular fire).

Game Development (manual)

  • Added ... (Start of W8, at least)

Game Development

  • Merry Igloo! (2021-12-19) >"While holding an item and right-clicking a container, you can now hold Alt to only take from the container, rather than first attempting to transfer to the container. Useful, for example, when you want to light a branch on a fireplace without first filling the fireplace up with fuel (e.g. branches)."
  • Grid Strider (2018-11-27) >"Added "Gridiron", the Gridiron is another addon akin to the Spitroast, which can be applied both to Braziers and Fireplaces. It has an inventory, and can, for now, be used primarily to passively roast meat."