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Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) RequiredSpecific needed skills.<br>The default skills every hearthling starts off with, Oral Tradition, Primitive Tools & Wilderness Survival), are ignored. None
Object(s) Required Branch x5
Required By (136) Autumn Steak, Beeted Bird Breast, Broiled Burbot, Bush Rolls, Candy Apple, Cave Skewer, Centibab, Chewy Chevon, Crab Cakes, Crackling Cutlets, Egg & Bacon, Encumbered Roast, Escargots d'Amour, Fat-Braised Veg, Grilled Frog Legs, Grub-Grub, Honey'd Bear, Hot Wings, Jotun's Morsel, Leeky Fowl, Lemon Fish, Liver & Onions, Lizard on Scales, Marrow Roast, Molehill, Mud Ointment, Mushroom Mash, Odds & Ends, Onion Skewer, Pan-Seared Fish, Pancake, Perched Perch, Poached Wolverine, Rat-on-a-Stick, Roast Adder, Roast Ant, Roast Badger, Roast Bat, Roast Bear, Roast Beaver, Roast Bee, Roast Beef, Roast Bog Turtle, Roast Boreworm, Roast Bullfinch, Roast Cachalot, Roast Cave Louse, Roast Caverat, Roast Chasm Conch, Roast Chevon... further results
Can be Lifted No
Hit Points 5
Soak Value None
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Icon keyboard.pngAdventure > Smoke & Fire > Build Fire

A pile of wood built on the ground can be used as stationary light source and is required to roast Raw Meat and fry Fried Eggs and Pancakes. It can also be used to light a Firebrand. A pile of wood cannot be built inside houses, except through the exploit noted below. A fire will disappear after burning out (roughly two hours).

How to Acquire

Build a pile of wood, then light it using a Firebrand, Torch, Flint & Steel, Matches, or other fire-starting items.


  • A fire can be used as an early game method for making Ash, by constantly lighting sticks into firebrands and putting them in your inventory, which turns them into ash.
  • (Terrain) Can be build on frozen water (unlike a fireplace). In case of shallow water the fire remains after being lite. And will melt a rough 5-tile circle in the ice. (same for using a lite fire on snow) (Effect will show up on ice covered sections in the world-map)
  • Lit fires on deep water have a short lifespan, as they sink(disappear) ones the fire has melted the ice below it.
  • Fires can potentially be used to create, temporary & short, corridors trough deep frozen water (if need be). Bringing a Torch in such a case highly advised.


Fireplace and Brazier.

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