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LP Cost 200
Hearth Magic(s) Unlocked Fisher's Request for a Catch
Required By (160) A Talking Whale, Abyss Gazer, An Old Boot, Asp, Bass, Boiled River Pearl Mussel, Bone Hook, Bream, Brill, Burbot, Bushcraft Fishingpole, Bushcraft Fishline, Butter-Chived Trout, Carp, Catfish, Cave Sculpin, Cavelacanth, Chitin Hook, Chub, Chum Bait, Cod, Copper Comet, Copperbrush Snapper, Creel, Deep Sea Atavism, Dried Filet of Abyss Gazer, Dried Filet of Asp, Dried Filet of Bass, Dried Filet of Bream, Dried Filet of Brill, Dried Filet of Burbot, Dried Filet of Carp, Dried Filet of Catfish, Dried Filet of Cave Angler, Dried Filet of Cave Sculpin, Dried Filet of Cavelacanth, Dried Filet of Chub, Dried Filet of Cod, Dried Filet of Eel, Dried Filet of Grayling, Dried Filet of Haddock, Dried Filet of Herring, Dried Filet of Ide, Dried Filet of Lavaret, Dried Filet of Mackerel, Dried Filet of Mullet, Dried Filet of Pale Ghostfish, Dried Filet of Perch, Dried Filet of Pike, Dried Filet of Plaice, Dried Filet of Pomfret, Dried Filet of Roach, Dried Filet of Rose Fish, Dried Filet of Ruffe, Dried Filet of Saithe, Dried Filet of Salmon, Dried Filet of Silver Bream, Dried Filet of Smelt, Dried Filet of Sturgeon, Dried Filet of Tench, Dried Filet of Trout, Dried Filet of Whiting, Dried Filet of Zander, Dried Filet of Zope, Eel, Farmer's Fishline, Feather Fly, Fine Fishline, Fishing Net, Fishline, Fishwrap, Fishy Eyeball, Gold Spoon-Lure, Grayling, Haddock, Herring, Ide, Lavaret, Lobster, Lobster Pot, Macabre Fishline, Mackerel, Mullet, Opened Oyster, Oyster Pearl, Pale Ghostfish, Pearl Necklace, Perch, Perched Perch, Petrified Seashell, Pike, Pinecone Plug, Plaice, Pomfret, Poppy Wobbler, Primitive Casting-Rod, River Pearl, Roach, Rock Lobster, Roe... further results
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The fishing skill allows you to craft and use Bushcraft Fishingpoles and Primitive Casting-Rods and to fish for different types of fish. The fishing skill benefits from completion of the Credos - Fisherman.

In-Game Text

"The fathoms give nothing,
Yield not a single thing,
But to the fishermens' snares."

You have mastered some basic fishing techniques, and can craft rods, poles, hooks and lures.

There are two types of fishing: Rod and pole. Pole fishing uses various forms of live or fleshy bait -- such as earthworms, entrails, or ants -- whereas Rod fishing uses lures. Fishing poles catch fish immediately whenever they bite, but the more demanding Rod fishing rather requires you to actually land the Fish by figuring out the many riddles of the sport. The truly rare fish of the world are caught with rods.

How to Fish

To fish you need four categories of items combined together with the fishing skill. These items are:

  1. A Fishing Pole
  2. Fishing Line
  3. Fish Hook
  4. Lures or Bait

Fishing Pole

Craft Either a Bushcraft Fishingpole or a Primitive Casting-Rod.

  • Primitive Casting-Rod must be used with Lures. Lures are not consumed as fish are caught. This is called Lure-Fishing
  • Bushcraft Fishingpole uses bait. Fish are caught automatically and the Bait is Consumed and replaced per fish. This is called Bait-Fishing

Fishing Line

As of Fishing for Finery (2021-04-25) update. Strings, as fishing lines, where replaced with dedicated crafted fishing lines.

(No specific per-fishline details known)

Fishing line occasionally break, so be sure to have backups. Higher quality fishing line tends to break less often.

The color of the fishing line is reflective of the type of line.

Fish Hook

A fish hook is added to the fishing pole by left clicking on the hook and then right clicking on the fishing pole. Fish hook types include:

Fish hook are also occasionally lost. Using your prized gold nugget passed down by your ancestors might not be wise. Higher quality fish hooks tend to be lost less often.


Bait is expendable meaning you can catch at maximum one fish per bait.

Some types of bait include: Ant Empress, Ant Larvae, Ant Pupae, Ant Queen, Ant Soldiers, Aphids, Bee Larvae, Brimstone Butterfly, Cave Moth, Chum Bait, Earthworm, Emerald Dragonfly, Entrails, Firefly, Grasshopper, Grub, Ladybug, Leech, Monarch Butterfly, Moonmoth, Raw Crab, Raw Lobster, Ruby Dragonfly, Sand Flea, Silkmoth, Silkworm, Silkworm Egg, Springtime Bumblebee, Stag Beetle, Waterstrider, Woodworm


Lures are durable, but they can be lost. To unlock lures you should craft a Primitive Casting-Rod first.

Some types of lure include: Copper Comet, Copperbrush Snapper, Feather Fly, Gold Spoon-Lure, Pinecone Plug, Poppy Wobbler, Rock Lobster, Steelbrush Plunger, Tin Fly, Woodfish

Fishing Trash

When something is dropped in a body of water, it is added to a global pool of items that can be fished up anywhere in the world or found buried on the beach. Some people use this feature for charity by throwing their old equipment in the river. You can also drop a written parchment to send a message to a random fisherman as if it were a message in a bottle.


Quoting Jorb: Fish are now a limited and localized resource, working in the same way as any other localized resource. You should notice fish jumping in the water if the area has fish. What you catch when fishing depends on the following factors: Time of day, location, lure, hook, pole and line type as well as the quality level of each piece of fishing equipment.

Bait Fishing

Bait-Fishing is a semi-automated and a Semi-random activity using a Bushcraft Fishing Pole. Bait, line, and hook combo seem to have no strong correlation between fish types caught. Equip your pole, gather an inventory of bait, and begin fishing. You will automatically catch, recast, and re-bait your hook while bait fishing. The type of fish caught are random, based on the node you are fishing from, however the quality is hard-capped by your Survival. If you are simply looking to catch fish with no real desire for a certain type of fish, this is your easiest option.

Lure Fishing

Lure-Fishing using a Primitive Casting Rod is a more precise and manual activity. Lure, line, and hook type all play role in what species you will be able to catch. Every fish have certain line, hook, and lure combos that work best for it. If you are having difficulties catching a fish or keeping your lure, be sure to try new combinations. Equip your pole, gather some tackle, and begin fishing. You will be presented a list of fish to "aim" for, with a given % of how likely they are to bite. This list is a function of your Survival and Will, so the higher both stats are, the larger your list will be. Max number of fishes in a list is limited by 10 and apparently is equal to . You can choose what kind of fish you want to catch. If you do not pick any, the game will automatically choose the fish with the highest % of biting.

Fish Data

Fresh Water Fish

Fish that can be found in rivers and lakes.

Type Size
Servings Fishline Fishing Lure or Bait
Combos listed are for W10, use at your own discretion'
Location FEP (Based on Q10)
A Talking Whale 2x3 6 ... (PreW11, [Verify: Talking Whale location.] against W11) Shallow Water, Deep Water ...
Asp 2x1 2 Copper Comet, Entrails, Grasshopper, Rock Lobster Lure 100%, Lake Depths, River Shallows, River Depths 5 DEX
Brill 1x1 1 Earthworm, Rock Lobster Lure, Pinecone Plug Lake Depths, River Depths 2 STR, 2 DEX
Bream 1x1 1 Earthworm, Feather Fly, Woodfish, Rock Lobster Lure 100%, Pinecone Plug, Leech, Copper Comet 100% Lake Shallows, Lake Depths 2 INT, 3 CHA
Burbot 2x1 2 Bushcraft Fishline Dragonfly, Earthworm, Entrails, Poppy Wobbler,Copper Comet 100%, Rock Lobster Lure 100%, Pinecone Plug 100% Lake Depths, River Depths 3 CON, 1.5 CHA
Catfish 3x1 3 Metal Hook, Flax Fibres, Tin Fly, Rock Lobster Lure, Earthworm, Entrails, Leech, Woodfish Lake Depths, River Depths 1.25 AGI, 2.5 INT, 2.5 PSY
Carp 2x1 2 Entrails, Woodfish, Tin Fly, Feather Fly Lake Shallows, Lake Depths, River Depths 2.5 CHA, 2.5 CON, 1 PER
Chub 1x1 1 Earthworm, Leech, Rock Lobster Lure, Steelbrush Plunger, Tin Fly River Depths, River Shallows 1 CHA, 1 INT
Eel 1x2 2 Feather Fly, Rock Lobster Lake Depths, River Shallows 4 AGI
Grayling 2x1 2 Leech, Entrails, Earthworm, Feather Fly Lake Depths, Lake Shallows 2.5 PER, 1.25 AGI
Ide 1x1 1 Woodfish, Waterstrider, Feather Fly Lake Shallows, River Depths 2.0 DEX, 0.5 PSY
Lavaret 2x1 2 Leech, Earthworm, Steelbrush Plunger 100%, Pinecone Plug Lake Depths, River Shallows 4.5 CON, 1.5 AGI
Perch 1x1 1 Gold Spoon-Lure, Feather Fly, Woodfish, Poppy Wobbler, Tin Fly, Pinecone Plug, Copper Comet, Entrails, Earthworm, Leech, Waterstrider Lake Depths, River Depths, River Shallows 4 INT
Pike 2x1 2 Earthworm, Feather Fly, Woodfish, Tin Fly, Pinecone Plug, Waterstrider, Leech, Entrails, Copper Comet 100% Lake Shallows, Lake Depths, River Shallows 2 STR, 2 INT, 1 CON
Plaice 1x1 1 Feather Fly, Tin Fly, Firefly, Woodfish, Rock Lobster Lure, Pinecone Plug,Gold Spoon-Lure, Leech, Entrails,Earthworm Lake Shallows, River Depths, River Shallows 1 INT, 3 PER
Roach 1x1 1 Earthworm, Woodfish, Rock Lobster Lure, Silkworm, Feather Fly, Pinecone Plug, Leech, Entrails Lake Depths, River Depths 2 INT, 2 DEX
Ruffe 1x1 1 Tin Fly, Dragonfly, Leech, Entrails, Earthworm Lake Depths, River Shallows, River Depths 3 CHA
Salmon 2x1 2 Rock Lobster Lure, Entrails, Copper Comet, Earthworm Lake Shallows, Lake Depths, River Depths, River Shallows 2 INT, 3 CHA
Smelt 1x1 1 Feather Fly, Woodfish (100%), Earthworm Lake Depths, Lake Shallows, River Shallows 1 CHAR, 1 DEX
Sturgeon 3x1 3 (Flax FibreBone HookWoodfish got me 42x100% on a tile where a rock lobster gave 8x100%), Rock Lobster Lure, Feather Fly Lake Depths, River Shallows, (W13) Lake Shallows 3 STR, 1 PSY
Tench 1x1 1 Feather Fly 45%, Woodfish 86%, Pinecone Plug 100%, Entrails Lake Depths, River Depths 2 INT, 1 CON, 1 PER
Trout 2x1 2 Entrails, Rock Lobster Lure, Copper Comet, Earthworm,Grasshopper, Feather Fly Lake Depths, River Depths, River Shallows 2 STR, 1.5 PER, 1.5 DEX
Silver Bream 1x1 1 Dragonfly, Leech, Entrails, Earthworm, Feather Fly, Woodfish, (best)Tin Fly Lake Depths, River Shallows 2 INT
Zander 2x1 2 Dragonfly, Leech, Entrails, Steelbrush Plunger 100%, Tin Fly 100%, Woodfish 100%, Rock Lobster Lure 100%, Earthworm Lake Depths, River Shallows, (W13) Lake Shallows 3 INT
Zope 1x1 1 Shoreline Fishline Entrails, Feather Fly, Rock Lobster Lake Shallows, River Shallows 2 PER, 1 INT

Ocean Fish

Fish that can be found in Oceans.

Type Size
Servings Fishline Bait or Fishing Lure
Location FEP (Based on Q10)
Bass 2x1 2 Entrails, Rock Lobster Shallow Ocean, Ocean Depths 1 PER, 2 WIL
Cod 2x1 2 Entrails, Earthworm, Woodfish, Copper Comet Ocean Depths 2 INT, 3 PER
Haddock 2x1 2 Entrails, ( Flax Fibre Metal Hook Rock Lobster ) Ocean Depths 3.5 PER, 2 AGI
Herring 1x1 1 Entrails, Rock Lobster, Feather Fly, Pinecone Plug Ocean Depths 1 INT, 1 DEX
Mackerel 1x1 1 Entrails, Woodfish Ocean Depths 3 INT
Mullet 1x1 1 Entrails, Rock Lobster, Woodfish (90%) Shallow Ocean, Ocean Depths 3 STR, 2 PER
Pomfret 1x1 1 Entrails, Copper Comet (100%), Rock Lobster (84%) Ocean Depths 2 INT, 1 WIL
Rose Fish 2x1 2 Entrails, Earthworm, Woodfish Ocean Depths 2 WIL, 2 CHA
Saithe 2x1 2 Entrails, Woodfish 100% Shallow Ocean, Ocean Depths 2 INT, 2 AGI
Seahorse 1x1 1 ... Shallow Ocean, Deep Ocean Curiosity
Whiting 1x1 1 Entrails, Feather Fly, Rock Lobster Shallow Ocean, Ocean Depths 1 CHA, 2 WIL

Cave Fish

Fish that can be found in underground bodies of water only:

Type Size
Servings Fishline Fishing Lure or Bait
Combos listed are for W10, use at your own discretion'
Location FEP (Based on Q10)
Abyss Gazer 2x1 2 Poppy Wobbler, Woodfish (63%) Cave Shallows, Cave Depths 2.5 PER, 2.5 PER+2, 2.5 PSY
Cavelacanth 2x1 2 Woodfish (100%), Bushcraft Fishline, Metal Hook Cave Shallows, Cave Depths 3 PER+2, 3 INT
Cave Sculpin 1x1 1 Woodfish (100%) Cave Shallows, Cave Depths 2 CON+2, 3 WIL
Pale Ghostfish 1x1 1 Woodfish 63%, Rock Lobster 100% Cave Shallows, Cave Depths 1 PSY+2, 2 INT, 2 CHA