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Credos are a way to progress along a path, allowing you to obtain several different professions with varying bonuses.



Ripped straight from Jorb Credobility (2017-08-01)
Credos are a new, qualified skill type, resting on the icon of a particular profession -- hunter, farmer, forager, etc -- which you can only acquire through somewhat particular quests relevant for the profession in question. Each Credo has five levels, and each level of the Credo you unlock gives you a new special, qualitative, bonus, ability, or perk, which cannot be otherwise obtained. You may only pursue Credos one at a time. In order to complete a Credo you need to complete 10 quests per Credo you already have, so 10 for the first Credo, 20 for the second, and 30 for the third, and so on. The five special abilities of each Credo are linearly unlocked for every fifth of the total questline you complete. Completed Credos are inherited in their entirety when you die. Initiating the pursuit of a Credo costs an amount of LP proportional, again, to the amount of Credos you already have. If you abandon a Credo quest, you lose an additional quest completed in that questline. If you abandon the first quest of the Credo, you abandon the Credo entirely, with no LP refunded. This has been changed with the Searching for Action (2020-03-11) patch, there is now a separate button for abandoning the entire credo, abandoning the first quests rerolls it for free on a cooldown.

  • Pursuing a credo will start a quest line that's relevant for that credo.
  • Each credo has 5 levels. Each level gives you 1 out of 5 bonuses in Order.
  • Pursuing a credo costs 10,000 LP, and an additional 10,000 LP for each other credo you have completed previously.
  • To complete one credo level you must complete credo quests.
  • You may only pursue one credo at a time.
  • After you have completed all 5 levels, your credo will move to acquired credos


Certain credos have prerequisites

  • Farmer depends on Forager.
    • Tailor depends on Farmer
    • Gardener depends on Farmer.
    • Potter depends on Farmer.
  • Quarryman depends on Forager.
    • Gem Hunter depends on Quarryman.
      • Pearl Diver depends on Fisherman and Gem Hunter.
    • Miner depends on Quarryman.
      • Cave Hermit Depends on Miner and Mystic.
      • Blacksmith depends on Miner and Lumberjack.
  • Lumberjack depends on Forager and Hunter.
    • Strider depends on Lumberjack and Fisherman.
  • Mystic depends on Forager and Fisherman.
  • Cook depends on Hunter and Farmer.
  • Nomad depends on Fisherman, Forager and Hunter.
    • Herder depends on Farmer and Nomad.
    • Wandering Sage depends on Mystic and Nomad.
  • Scholar depends on Gardener and Quarryman. (Mystic requirement was removed in the Apiary Cupcake patch)



There are currently 21 credos available in game:


Forager   (No Dependencies Found)

"Beneath far-stretched canopies all around you sing the abundance of the Hearth wilding, and, as if in a dream, you have sensed its vastness in life and form,
yearning now also to learn its names, and ways. It is said that the Old Hearthlings drank the light of the sun,
and that it was in reflection thereof that the gods made root and leaf to cover that first antiquity which saw them set loose.
There is much wisdom in the sagas, and a scent on the wind invites you to remember more of the things which grow and crawl.
Wandering the Forager's Path promises...

  • Exploration +10
  • Perception +10
  • Speed bonus when chasing small animals
  • Increased baseline quality of herbs picked. (+20%)
  • A chance to double herbs picked.
Possible Quests
  • Pick x herb.
  • Eat x forageable food (might include processing, like "Dried Morels").
  • Bring forageable to quest giver.
  • Gain x point(s) of exploration/survival.
  • Gain x points(s) of perception
  • Create and gild an artifact of exploration/survival/perception.
  • Study a forageable curiosity.
  • Catch a small animal.


Fisherman   (No Dependencies Found)

"Far beneath the waves gleams a treasure of wisdom, and on the breath of a fish you have heard told the riddles of life and death.
Since first your feet touched water, a siren's song has called you deeper, and deeper,
and farther down, down into the yonders blue, to see the spired groves of kelp, where Roach and Pike play hide and seek,
and the crashing waters where Salmon dance. A ripple on calm waters calls you to learn the names of the things which swim and dive.
Towing the Fisherman's Line promises...

  • Reduced risk for loss of fishing equipment.
  • Better trash recovery when fishing.
  • Increased chance of a rare catch.
  • Reduced cost of "Fisher's Request for a Catch".
  • Increased baseline quality of fish caught. (+10%)
Possible Quests
  • Catch fish.
  • Bring fish to quest giver.
  • Gain x point(s) of will/intelligence.
  • Eat crab roe x times.
  • Craft lure.
  • Roast fillet of fish.
  • Create and gild an artifact of will/intelligence/survival.
  • Defeat a swan.
  • Defeat a beaver.
  • Eat fish
  • Study curio
  • Catch crabs


Hunter   (No Dependencies Found)

"In depths of woodland realms unchartered, the tracks too easily criss-cross back and over themselves, losing all meaning under shades of bush and fern,
and only those who studiously read those glyphs of hoof and paw, may then follow them down wilder, freer, paths.
For some time you have yearned to speak this strange and peculiar tongue of beast, blood and soil,
and a beying echo from far away in the greenery, promises to teach you.
Tracking the Hunter's Trail promises...

  • Marksmanship +20
  • Fleeing animals take more damage.
  • Reduced cost of 'Quell the Beast'.
  • Gain more meat from butchering. (does not apply to tamed animals)
  • Ranged weapons deal slightly more damage.
Possible Quests
  • Put an arrow in animal.
  • Flay animal
  • Study animal part like Beaver Tail/Beaver Teeth/Adder Fang/Swan Feather/Nine-Tails.
  • Gain x point(s) of perception/agility.
  • Create and gild an artifact for marksmanship/agility.
  • Catch critter.
  • Eat an Ants/Dried Batwings
  • Eat roasted or spitroasted meat x times.
  • Score a bull's eye on an archery target (make sure to have at least 7 tiles between you and target)
  • Defeat an animal (mostly weak animals)
  • Bring animal part to quest giver.



"In golden rows, ever chasing a blue horizon, lie planted the myths of a people tied intimately to the soil they till, and to the grain they mill.
Of such things you desire to learn more, for you are becoming a Farmer, and within you now shoots leaves of wisdom, of the seasons, and of the plants, and of all the things which grow.
In the creaking of sprouting roots you have heard stories of how the world seed was once planted by the old gods, long before a moon was yet hung over the Hearth to light it.
In the pod of a pea, you have seen strange and ancient runes, telling of the world's coming end and ruin. A wind that shakes the barley calls you onward to gather further insight.
Plowing the Farmer's Furrow promises...

  • Farming +15
  • Quality bonus when milking. (+20%)
  • Faster crop growth. (+10%)
  • Increased crop yield. (+20%)
  • Farming +50
Possible Quests
  • Gain x point(s) of lore/farming/perception.
  • Plant x crops.
  • Harvest x crops.
  • Bring farming product to quest giver.
  • Milk a cow/sheep.
  • Slaughter animal.
  • Study curio.
  • Eat baked good
  • Create and gild an artifact of farming/perception/lore.



"For some time you have wandered among the great spires of woodlands free and wild, with a splinter in your soul tracing the contour of your ever increasing desire to prune and guide them to more proper forms.
In the splitting of logs you have heard the cries of new shapes dreaming to be hewn free, and in the gleam of axe and fire you have seen a wholesome light with which to burn and chase away the shadows of an untended wilderness.
You have heard told that, when the World-Tree first sprouted, the Old Gods placed the first Lumberjack on guard over it for all nights and days, until the end of time, when he alone will know the proper time to fell the great tree, and sunder the Hearth.
To ply the Lumberjack's trade is to learn the shapes and courses of the various woods and trees, their marblings and colorations, kinds and seasons, and how to best put those to use.
Cutting the Lumberjack's Timberline promises...

  • Lore +15
  • Increased cutting speed of trees and logs.
  • Carpentry +20.
  • Increased board and block yield from logs. (+30%)
  • Strength +25
Possible Quests
  • Bring tree product to quest giver
  • Study curiosity (oak spire, beaver teeth, barkboat)
  • Fell x tree
  • Gain a point in Strength, Lore, or Carpentry.
  • Craft an artifact of Strength, Lore, or Carpentry.
  • Eat roasted beaver/bear meat.
  • Eat fruit/nut.



"You have stared for long longingly into depths of ocean and forest, and much contemplation of the things high and low have led you down darker, more brooding paths, and your thoughts have for some time carried an otherworldly air.
You walk now always in a shadowland, somewhere in between dream and awakening, where the currents of Hearth magick run close to the ground, and with your third eye always open to the vast, universal distances around you.
The Mystic seeks wisdom and understanding, and in thought and deed affinity, and communion, with the woodland spirits, and with all the presences and potentialities of nature.
The sagas speak of three Norns, old and wise, who weave the fate silk of all hearthlings, and who know where each and every thread runs out.
Dreaming the Mystic's Dream promises...

  • Will +15
  • Lore +20
  • +5% study speed.
  • +10% experience gain.
  • Hearth Magic cost reduced by 10%
Possible Quests
  • Get crazy high on hempstuff/pipestuff/opium/liberty caps.
  • Consult/Commune/Chat/Discuss with a questgiver. (Right-click on questgiver - use an option)
  • Study a curiosity x times.
  • Experience an experience event.
  • Gain x points in Will, Lore, Charisma.
  • Dance during certain time(dawn between 4.45 - 7.15 in-game time) or specific condition (under drugs, during rain (snow considered as rain here)).
  • Use drugs during certain time(dawn between 4.45 - 7.15 in-game time) or specific condition (during rain(snow)).



"You have sat with the mountain until only the mountain remained, and for some time fissure has grown down the straight and narrow of your worldview, in challenge, threatening to rend it in twain with the terrible blow of a new experience suffered.
Your dreams have grown rigid, and angular, and you see the world around you as hewn in stone, and seek now to remake it again in that image.
The Quarryman knows the taste and turns of the mineral world, and the names of all the stones and rocks which weave it.
From the depths of the mountain an ominous note calls you to think and act like quartz, like granite, and like the blackest, most cunning, obsidian.
Some say that the roots of the mountain are older than even the Old Gods themselves. Cracking the Quarryman's Crevice promises...

Possible Quests
  • Mine x Stone
  • Chip x Stone
  • Study curiosity
  • Visit a cave level x
  • Bring ore to questgiver
  • Kill x bats
  • Eat withercorn/cavebulb/dried batwing/spitroasted bat meat
  • Create an artifact for masonry



"The thin of your thread has passed through the eye of a needle, and remade you entirely in new whole cloth.
For some time your thoughts have wandered to softer places, and stranger fabrics, and increasingly you have felt the call of needlework, and strange artifice.
The Tailor recalls all the fibers and threads of the Hearth, and weaves them continously into the tapestry of his life, in service to both himself, others, and ever the quest for the perfect garment, for the perfect occasion.
For Peasant and King alike, only the Tailor stands between him, the cold of the seasons, and the harshness of unforgiving elements, and such responsibilities call forth only the best in those whose task it is to wear that spiritual finery.
Treading the Tailor's Thread promises...

  • Sewing +15
  • Chance to fail gildings reduced by 5%.
  • Double the chance to reslot gildings when recycling artifacts.
  • Sewing +25
  • The first gilding of a new artifact is always successful.
Possible Quests
  • Craft an item x times
  • Craft an artifact x lvl
  • Craft gild x times
  • Bring an artifact x lvl to questgiver
  • Bring gild to questgiver
  • Gain x points of sewing
  • Study curiosity
  • Gain x points of dexterity/charisma
  • Experience "Pricked by the Spindle"



"You have grown weary of familiar surroundings, or perhaps your feet never stopped to rest? Either way you find yourself now a wanderer in tought and the vastness of open space, ever seeking out new and farther places, and always striving toward the next horizon.
Seven times you have walked the Hearth over wide, and three over tall, and many are the strange and wondrous sights you have seen in it, yet there remains always an immensity of the unseen, beckoning you onward to take that next step.
The Nomad calls no place home, yet is also always at home in his solitudes of nature and travel, accompanied perhaps only by wild horses and beasts of burden.
It is said that when the Old Gods were young, they too walked distances beyond reckoning. Embarking on the Nomad's Journey promises...

  • Exploration +15
  • Survival +25
  • One extra column of inventory space.
  • Pony Power of Horses lasts longer.
  • One extra row of inventory space.
Possible Quests
  • Go see a localized resource
  • Study a curiosity x times
  • Visit a questgiver
  • Bring an item to a questgiver
  • Defeat an animal
  • Create an artifact for a certain attribute or skill
  • Catch a fish x times
  • Tame a tameable creature
  • Put an arrow in an animal
  • Gain x points of an ability



"Your soul has moved forever deep into the eternal night -- lit only by flashes of roaring, red fire -- of the mine, and through your veins courses a blood stained by heavy metal.
Day and night have begun losing their meanings to you, and your senses have grown acutely tuned to a life subterranean.
You live every moment to go deeper and further down, down toward deep and deeper veins, where the roots of the mountain claw their way into the Underworld, and where the caverns echo with trollish laughter.
With every snapping of the tendons, and every strain of muscles aching, you drive your pick through the eternal cavern, ripping the treasures of the deep to that surface far above which you so seldom see, and hoping to strike for the Mother Lode.
The mountain whispers to you of a time before the Old Gods. Descending the Miner's Shaft promises...

  • Strength +15 & Masonry +15
  • Significant chance to localize caveins.
  • Ore mined smelts faster. (+25%)
  • Chance to pulverize tiles when mining.
  • Ability to sense ore ahead when mining.

Boulders mined out are considered "Well-Mined", and yield such ores. Key Fixes

Possible Quests
  • Mine x Stone
  • Chip x Stone
  • Study a Curiosity (related to mining)
  • Bring item to underground questgiver
  • Kill x Bat
  • Kill x Green Ooze
  • Eat spitroasted bat meat
  • Eat a Withercorn
  • Plant a Towercap
  • Make a pickaxe / Miner's Helm



"You feel the vibrance of the seasons, and under the soles of your feet you can sense the tremor of a single leaf falling, or of your quarry, quaking in the undergrowth at your passing. You have long wandered the Woodland Hearth, and your trade has grown to become that of a frontiersman in it, making a living in forestry, fishing, and hunting, and thus you have become a part of the wilds -- and they of you -- to the point that you now move nigh effortlessly in them, over root and crag, flowing almost like a river. They say that the first Strider was the Moon itself, racing the Sun across the firmament. Taking the Strider's Stride promises..."

  • +50% Swimming.
  • Chance of getting additional hides when flaying animals.
  • Reduced satiation from Game (2% instead 5%).
  • Not interrupted by combat when raiding insect nests.
  • +15% damage with ranged weapons.
Possible Quests
  • Put an arrow in animal. (most dangerous animals)
  • Flay animal
  • Study animal part.
  • Gain x point(s) of perception\survival.
  • Create and gild an artifact of marksmanship\survival\will.
  • Defeat an animal. (most dangerous animals)
  • Bring animal part to quest giver.
  • Fell a tree .
  • Bring tree product to quest giver .
  • Eat fish filet .

Cave Hermit

Cave Hermit

"The surface of the Hearth has grown but a distant memory, and the waves of history may wash whichever ways they please, far above in that raging, tumultous world of light and day. Your world has become another, calmer, darker, deeper, and more ancient one, of peace and meditation, far below in the cool and pitch of the deepest caverns, where Hearthling sight fades, and other senses grow instead to terrible powers. You spend your nights eternal far down, down near the roots of the Mountain, in the musk of cavebulbs, with a touch of slime, and the haunting symphonies of a thousand bats screeching in awful symphony. Your ways are those of stone, and of thought, and of communion, ultimately, with the dark of the cavernous Underworld. Staring into the Cave Hermit's Abyss promises..."

  • Significantly increased risk of mining out trolls.
  • Ability to eat Stalagooms & Cave Slime.
  • +1.5% study speed per cave level you descend.
  • Deal 5% extra damage per cave level you descend.
  • Trolls no longer attack you.
Possible Quests
  • Get crazy high on hempstuff/pipestuff/opium.
  • Catch an opium dragon
  • Bring item to underground questgiver
  • Plant x cultivated Poppycaps/Towercaps/Withercorn
  • Study curiosity x times (mystic and stone related mostly)
  • Experience an experience event (bat guano, abyssal chasm, cave organ, "caving in", stalagoomba's dance)
  • Defeat slime/bat/boreworm
  • Eat dried bat wings
  • Eat roasted/spit roasted bat meat
  • Mine certain stone on certain mine level
  • Mine certain amount of stone on certain cave level
  • Catch stalagoomba
  • Gain x points Lore/Masonry



"Leaves tremble at your touch, as if by the first beams of radiant sunlight of spring, reflecting some of their own green back again unto you, and unto your fingers. Wherever you wander, seeds appear to sprout from under your feet, and the touch of your naked soles restores life to dying grass. The secrets of all the things which grow are known to you, and you trace the threads of life and death in the contours and growth lines of grass and leaves. Your dream, as a Gardener, is to prune and guide the exuberant abundance of wild life into the pleasant and considered archetypes of a well kept garden. The myths speak of how all the Hearth once poured forth from a single seed. Climbing the Gardener's Stalk promises..."

  • Can plant Blood Sterns, Farming +5
  • Can plant Cavebulbs, Farming +5
  • Halved soil and water required for gardening pots.
  • Can plant Chiming Bluebells, Farming +10
  • Doubled yield from gardening pots.
Possible Quests
  • Gain x point(s) point of dexterity/lore/farming
  • Bring forageable to quest giver.
  • Study forageable curiosity
  • Eat forageable item
  • Pick forageable item
  • Pick tree or bush seed
  • Harvest garden grown plant
  • Plant garden grown plant
  • Create and gild an artifact of dexterity/lore/farming



"Metal chimes in pure notes at the thunder of your hammer, and your muscles have grown to terrible dimensions enough to bend steel. Your life is lived and regulated by the steady, pulsating rhythm of pounding hammers, and heaving bellows, drawing the heavy sighs of hot, soot-filled, air, rushing again away to feed ever hungry, ever burning, furnaces, mirrored in reflective pools of molten metal. You know the stuff which makes up all the Hearth -- earth and wood -- and how to slake their thirsts for metallic forms in the glowing fury of white-hot flames. The Firmament of the Hearth was pounded thin as a flake, and hung high over the Hearth, by the Creator, from a single silver nugget. Pounding the Blacksmith's Anvil promises..."

  • Strength +15 & Smithing +15
  • More irrlights when smithing.
  • Reduced smithing time.
  • Smelters built have larger inventories. (6x6)
  • Small chance to double output when smithing.
Possible Quests
  • Gain x point(s) of smithing/strength
  • Craft x times metal items
  • Study metal/stone craftable curiosity
  • Bring metal craft to underground questgiver
  • Mine ore x times
  • Acquire Bloom
  • Acquire Slag



"The dead matter of clay springs to life in your hands like in no others, coaxing secret forms to dance into existence from the perpetual void of the primordial before. In the roaring fire of kilns, and in the slow, revolving sound of your wheel, you have heard the calling of such forms, yearning to be made in full, and yours are the hands that shape them, and move the bellows that heave with life and fire. In the crack of a single shard, you can recall the errors of all hearthkin. The world ocean rests in an earthenware dish, fired in the sun by the Old Gods on the first day. Spinning the Potter's Wheel promises..."

Possible Quests
  • Gain x point(s) of dexterity/masonry/perception
  • Make an artifact for dexterity/masonry/perception
  • Craft x times clay/glass items
  • Study clay/glass craftable curiosity
  • Bring clay/glass craft to questgiver
  • Pick x different Clay
  • Make x Bone Clay
  • Acquire x Feldspar
  • Acquire x Bone Ash

Gem Hunter

Gem Hunter

"From hidden rocks and deep streams rings out a call of pure notes, calling you to their sources to hew them free, the endless facets of a thousand gems gleaming in the endless dark. Your heart has for some time burned with secret passion for the nobler salts of the earth, and your hunt leaves no stone unturned, as every strike of your pick strikes sparks to reflect and play in the lustre and shine of pure jewels, and light up the darkness of the mine with splendid color. All the Hearth was once a perfect diamond, ground to rocks and dusts by Time itself. Tracing the Gem Hunter's Seam promises..."

  • Masonry +15
  • Higher chance of mining out gems.
  • Higher chance of mining out larger gems.
  • Can mine out pear cut gems.
  • Small chance of doubling a gem mined out.
Possible Quests

Pearl Diver

Pearl Diver
┣╸Gem Hunter

"There is a certain quiet, and profound stillness, that one can sense only in a mine, or near the bottom of a cool lake. You have plunged farther on down than most, driven always by the call of those rare, precious, lights, which illuminate the everdarks of the Hearth, but lately visions of especially rare baubles have begun ocurring to you -- gnawing at you, like grains of sand lodged in the iridescence of your mind -- and you have begun testing the waters to find the secret places of which the mussels whisper. The night sky was cut, by the Gods, from nacre grown in the river of time. Drawing the Pearl Diver's Breath promises..."

  • Constitution +10
  • Halved asphyxiation damage when drowning.
  • Significant quality bonus when picking mussels and oysters. (+50%, +80% in combination with the Forage bonus)
  • Reduce satiations from Seafood.
  • Significantly increased chances of finding pearls. (Effect applied upon picking mussels/oysters)
Possible Quests



"They say a watched pot never boils, and without you ever really noticing it, up until now, the pot of your mind unwatched has slowly stirred up into a hearthy broth of new ideas and impulses, threatening now in stormy boiling to blow the lid clean off entirely. You take no greater pleasure in life than from cooking; from combining the myriad ingredients of game and fowl and fish alike, into new creations, the one more dazzling and fantastical on the tongue than the next, and you have perhaps even begun developing a bit of a reputation for your work with knife and ladle. The blood of the first Hearthling was made from red clay, boiled in water, and seasoned with the breath of life, by the Old Gods. Stirring the Cook's Pot promises..."

  • Increased speed when cooking.
  • Constitution +15
  • All foods cooked give less satiations. (4% instead 5%, food marked as 'well prepared')
  • Cooking +30
  • Chance to double the output when cooking.
Possible Quests



"Through ardent studies of worlds natural and hidden, you have grown into an accomplished knower of things seen and unseen, and yet your mind unsatiated reaches further still, into vast troves of wisdom yet unsounded. You have, lately, in love of knowledge, felt the beckon of a new calling, and wisdom becomes every day more and more an end in itself to you, apart from pratical application. You are a mentor to the young, a wise elder, or a recluse in exile among tomes and parchments, and only seldom one finds your fingers without a trace of ink, or the dust of old manuscripts. The old texts speak of a time before the Hearth was lit, when it burned only as a spark in the eyes of the old gods. From the first curiosity all knowledge took flame. Learning the Scholar's Wisdom promises..."

Possible Quests



"You have traveled far and wide, and your herds have grown plentiful in your footsteps. You have become a Herder, always working diligently for the health and bounty of your animals and herds, grazing upon the lush grasslands of the hearth. You spend your days on horseback, tending to the needs of your flocks, keeping beasts of prey away, and following the seasonal migrations in search of greener pastures. The sagas say that the Old Gods once drove a herd of cattle across the firmament, and that the stars sprung to light where their hooves trod. Undertaking the Herders's Trek promises..."

  • Wild animals always accept clover.
  • Your branded animals eats 20% less.
  • Pony Power of horses lasts longer.
  • Your branded animals have shorter gestation period.
  • Sizeable quality bonus to all domestic meats. (10%)
Possible Quests
  • Deliver hide of domestic animal to a questgiver.
  • Tether domestic animal to a questgiver. (distant)
  • Milk a domestic animal.
  • Slay a domestic animal.
  • Flay a domestic animal.
  • Gain x point(s) of Exploration or Farming.
  • Eat roasted/spitroasted domestic meat.
  • Create an artifact for Charisma, Exploration or Farming.
  • Study curiosity (aurochs hair, bear tooth, possibly animal parts).

Wandering Sage

Wandering Sage.png
Wandering Sage

"You have wandered the Hearth, deep in mystical contemplation on the signs and omens, and sought to commune with far flung Rowan trees, dark streams, and stands of Alder. Your learned wisdom exceeds most, and yet new depths of ignorance reveal themselves behind each new revelation of spirited nature. You can hear the spirits of things vast and faint whisper to you from the shadowy world beyond the veil of the Hearth, and they trace your footsteps wherever your wanderlust aching takes you. Meditation, and the journey as a goal in itself, are your lodestars. You have seen, in terrifying visions, how the Old Gods rode in chariots of Ash and Bronze, thundering over the ancient steppes in ages beyond reckoning, and your feet long always to trace those furrows. Embarking on the Wandering Sage's Pilgrimage promises..."

  • Gain less Travel Weariness (-20%).
  • +5% experience gain.
  • Reduced stamina drain from walking.
  • Frequent experience gain when seeing Natural Wonders (trigger random +250 exp without lore event).
  • Chance for additional (to other rewards) increases to local qualities when completing quests.
Possible Quests
  • Go see a localized resource
  • Experience an experience event (localized resource related)
  • Study a curiosity x times (seer's related)
  • Make a curiosity x times (seer's related)
  • Consult/Commune/Chat/Discuss with a questgiver. (Right-click on questgiver - use an option)
  • Bring an item to a questgiver
  • Defeat an wild animal
  • Catch a fish x times
  • Eat roasted meat or fish

Game Development

  • Rednosed Yule (2023-12-21) >"Speed buffs from "Forager" credo and "Bunny Slippers" have been inverted. Rather than making you run faster, they now make animals chased run slower."
  • Liberty Shrimp (2022-09-11) >"Reworked and simplified quests provided by the "Mystic" credo, with the ambition to make it more of a viable early game Credo: Industry dependent drugs come only later in the credo. Earlier drug quests focus on "Liberty Caps". Reduced amount of "Experience" quests significantly. Added quests to dance and do drugs under various specific conditions (rain, time of day, &c). Let us know how it feels now."