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Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Specific Type of Casting Material
Required By (25) Brick, Clay Cauldron, Crucible, Crude Idol, Granary, Kiln, Lead Talisman, Potter's Wheel, Seamark, Shiny Marbles, Stack Furnace, Tar Kiln, Tripod Burner, Unfired Clay Jar, Unfired Clay Pipe, Unfired Garden Pot, Unfired Hand Impression, Unfired Mug, Unfired Pot, Unfired Teapot, Unfired Treeplanter's Pot, Unfired Urn, Whitemetal Cup, Whitemetal Ring, Wilderness Beacon, (Casting Material (5): Anvil, Diver's Weight, Smithy's Hammer, Tinker's Shovel, Tinker's Throwing Axe)
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Clay is a core ingredient for Pottery. The quality of the products made by the clay is based upon the quality of the clay, the kiln used, and the branches provided to fuel the kiln; it is also softcapped by the dexterity of the pottery crafter, and sometimes by a second skill (except for structures, which are never softcapped). The quality of the clay is dictated by the quality of the node it is collected from and is hardcapped by masonry since W10.

Clay has multiple types. Recipes and buildings which do not specify a type required will accept any of them, and multiple types may be used together for such recipes/buildings.

Clay types are as follows:

How to Acquire

Ball Clay is obtained by digging in shallow water, whilst Acre Clay is obtained by digging on mudflats. Each tile of shallow water gives 1-5 pieces of ball clay. Acre clay can be dug like soil, the terrain deepening with each piece dug. Gray Clay is found as a foregable in shallow water, and can be picked. Bone Clay and Potter's Clay are artificial clay's and must be crafted, with Potter's Clay also requiring the Potter Credo. Cave Clay is a rare foregable in caves can be processed into Soap Clay, and with Pit Clay that can be collected from rare Clay Pits, both of which are a fine clay, required in the crafting of Bone Clay and then further into Potter's Clay.

You can dig out clay by hand, but it's much faster with a Wooden Shovel or Metal Shovel.

Unless there is a clay node present, the clay qualities will always be 10 (hardcapped by Masonry). Each type of clay uses its own quality nodes.

For more information on finding clay, see the Finding high quality water, clay, and soil page.

Game Development

  • Market Garden (2016-10-05) >"Added/Re-added Gray, Cave, and Bone clays from Legacy, and implemented variable materials for existing clay objects -- pot, urn, kiln, and clay cauldron -- along with that."