Potter's Wheel

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Potter's Wheel
Potter's Wheel.png
Vital statistics
Size 2 x 1
Skill(s) Required Pottery
Object(s) Required Board x6, Block of Wood x8, Stone x5, Clay x10, Rope x1,
Required By Potter's Clay, Unfired Clay Jar, Unfired Clay Pipe, Unfired Earthenware Platter, Unfired Garden Pot, Unfired Mug, Unfired Porcelain Plate, Unfired Pot, Unfired Stoneware Vase, Unfired Teapot, Unfired Treeplanter's Pot, Unfired Urn
Repaired With String
Can be Lifted Yes
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The Potter's Wheel is an optional crafting station for relevant ceramic recipes: Pot, Urn, Garden Pot, Treeplanter's Pot, Teapot, Mug, Stoneware Vase, and Earthenware Platter. You can still craft these things without a potter's wheel, but doing so results in their quality being halved, and takes twice as long. The potter's wheel, much like any tool, also adds its quality to the end product.

The formula for potter's wheel quality is .

The formula for the product quality is .

How to Use

Simply right-click the Potter's Wheel before crafting as you would normally.