Garden Pot

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Garden Pot
Garden Pot.png
A pot with freshly planted Blueberries
Vital statistics
Size 2 x 2
Skill(s) RequiredSpecific needed skills.<br>The default skills every hearthling starts off with, Oral Tradition, Primitive Tools & Wilderness Survival), are ignored. Pottery, Gardening
Object(s) Required Unfired Garden Pot
Produced By Kiln
Can be Lifted yes
Hit Points 50
Soak Value None
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Icon keyboard.pngCraft > Pots & Pottery > Garden Pot

A garden pot is used with Soil, Water, and certain types of foraged plants. Unlike the Treeplanter's Pot, the Garden Pot is a liftable structure, and does not require a herbalist table. The quality is important for garden pots as it is one of the factors in determining the finished product's quality. Using Spring Water or Bat Guano instead of soil and water can increase the quantity of harvested plants.

Note: the Gardening skill is required not only to craft the pot, but also to plant herbs into it once water and soil have been added.

Garden Pots remain active in the winter, unlike Crops.

How to Acquire

  1. Gather 10 Clay of any type.
  2. Choose Craft > Pots & Pottery> Garden Pot and then click the "Craft" button to get an Unfired Garden Pot.
  3. Place the unfinished pot into a kiln with 23 Branches of fuel, or equivalent in it (see Kiln for details on baking pottery).
  4. Light the kiln with a fire source and wait.
  5. After 1:49:25 minutes you will get a Garden Pot.

How to Use

  1. Remove from kiln and place the pot.
  2. Place 12x Soil units into the pot (left-click on the soil, right-click on the pot)
  3. Place 4L of water into the pot (right click onto the pot with a water container).
  4. After the pot is filled with soil and water, put the foraged plant into the pot by left-clicking the plant and right-clicking on the
  5. You can harvest the plant when "Pick" becomes available in the right click menu, yielding 2 to 3 plants, Gardener credo doubles this amount.
  6. The pot holds up 4 charges, meaning you can plant and harvest up to 4 herbs before having to refill soil & water. This amount doubles with Gardener Credo.

To empty the contents of the pot at any time, right-click on the pot and then select the Clean out option.

Available Plants

Only certain types of foraged plants can be put into a garden pot

  • There is no difference where the garden pot is placed, but the plant growing time may vary by +\- 8 hours.
Image Plant Time (RL) Notes
Blueberries in Garden Pot.png
Blueberry 3.5 days
Blood Stern in Garden Pot.png
Bloodstern 4 days Requires Gardener Credo Level 1
Troll Mushrooms in Garden Pot.png
Troll Mushrooms 9 days
Chantrelles in Garden Pot.png
Chantrelles 7 days
Chives in Garden Pot.png
Chives 2 days
Clover in Garden Pot.png
Clover 2.5 days May grow Four Leaf Clover
Dandelion in Garden Pot.png
Dandelion 0.333 days (8 hours)
Dill in Garden Pot.png
Dill 5.5 days
Kvann in Garden Pot.png
Kvann 4 days
Dewy Lady's Mantle in Garden Pot.png
Lady's Mantle 5 days
Liberty Caps in Garden Pot.png
Liberty Caps 7 days
Parasol Mushroom in Garden Pot.png
Parasol Mushroom 5.5 days
Uncommon Snapdragon in Garden Pot.png
Uncommon Snapdragon 4 days
Stinging Nettle in Garden Pot.png
Stinging Nettle 2.5 days
Strawberry in Garden Pot.png
Strawberry 3 Days
Yarrow in Garden Pot.png
Yarrow 4 Days
Stalagoom 7.5 Days
Cavebulb in Garden Pot.png
Cavebulb 5 Days Requires Gardener Credo Level 2
Chiming Bluebell.gif
Chiming Bluebell 7 Days Requires Gardener Credo Level 4
Sage in Garden Pot.png
Sage 5.5 days
Thyme in Garden Pot.png
Thyme 5.5 days
Heartsease in gardenpot.png
Heartsease 1 Day
Lupine 3.5 Day


  • Quality of growing plant calculated by and is softcapped by Farming
  • Unfired Garden Pot Quality = and is softcapped by
  • Garden Pot Quality =


Game Development

  • Garden Bell (2020-04-26) >"Garden Pots can now hold enough resources for three growth cycles, rather than just the one, meaning you can fill them up, and not have to refill them every time you replant."
  • Market Garden (2016-10-05) >"Added Garden Pot. Fill a Garden Pot with four soil and one liter of water, and it allows you to replant some (not all) of the otherwise wild herbs. Currently Blueberry, Chantrelle, Chive, Clover, Dandelion, Kvann, Lady's Mantle, Parasol Shroom, Uncommon Snapdragon, Stalagoom, and Stinging Nettle are plantable. Growth times vary significantly, and using Guano and/or Spring Water both increase the payout, or chance thereof."