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Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) RequiredSpecific needed skills.<br>The default skills every hearthling starts off with, Oral Tradition, Primitive Tools & Wilderness Survival), are ignored. Foraging
Minimum Per*Exp 50
Seasonality (see this page for now)
Terrain Sombre Bramble
Object(s) Required None
Produced By Hand
Specific Type of Spices
Required By (4) Butter-Chived Trout, Curd'n'Chives, Delicious Deer Dog, Raw Laurel-Crowned Roast, (Spices (45): Autumn Steak, Broiled Burbot, Bulldog, Caviar Canapé, Chewy Chevon, Chicken Salad, Clambake, Crab Cakes, Crackling Cutlets, Fat-Braised Veg, Fishballs, Gingerbread Dough, Honey'd Bear, Hop Jellies, Iced Caviar, Jotun's Morsel, Leeky Fowl, Lemon Fish, Liver & Onions, Meat Stuffing, Meat-in-Jelly, Moules Frites, Mushroom Mash, Mushroom Stuffing, Odds & Ends, Omelette, Pan-Seared Fish, Pickling Brine, Pumpkin Stew, Raw Mushroom-Burst Glutton, Roast Meat, Roe Stuffing, Roeboat, Shrimp Skewer, Spicy Salad, Steak & Tubers, Tuber Mash, Unbaked Fishwrap, Unbaked Jelly Cake, Unbaked Magpie (Pie), Unbaked Meatpie, Unbaked Nutjerky, Unbaked Shepherd's Pie, Vegetable Stuffing, Wolfdog)
Food details
Energy Filled 75
Hunger Filled 0.5
Energy/Hunger 150
Satiates Satiations-Vegetables.png Vegetables
FEPs +1 +2 Sum%
STR 0 0 0%
AGI 1.5 0 100%
INT 0 0 0%
CON 0 0 0%
PER 0 0 0%
CHA 0 0 0%
DEX 0 0 0%
WIL 0 0 0%
PSY 0 0 0%
Sum 1.5 0 --
Hunger per FEP 0.33
FEP per Hunger 3
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Chives can be eaten by right clicking on them and selecting the "Eat" option, also a spice that can be used in various recipes for additinal FEP buff.

How to Acquire

Chives grow wild in Sombre Bramble, a type of Forest Terrain. If you have the Foraging skill and happen across one, you can harvest it. Can be planted in Garden Pot.


Game Development

  • Market Garden (2016-10-05) >"Added Garden Pot. Fill a Garden Pot with four soil and one liter of water, and it allows you to replant some (not all) of the otherwise wild herbs. Currently Blueberry, Chantrelle, Chive, Clover, Dandelion, Kvann, Lady's Mantle, Parasol Shroom, Uncommon Snapdragon, Stalagoom, and Stinging Nettle are plantable. Growth times vary significantly, and using Guano and/or Spring Water both increase the payout, or chance thereof."
  • Riff-Rafts (2016-02-23) >"Added Chives to one forest terrain -- Sombrebramble -- as a first step in an ongoing campaign to give each terrain unique stuff."