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Note that Hunger and Energy are different things. Hunger is only related to FEP bar. Energy is different thing.

There are currently two items in the game that can reduce your Hunger: Burrower Beans and Salt Crystal.

Hunger Levels

Unlike legacy haven hunger levels are NOT effected by ingame activities other than eating foods. Hunger level only decreases over real time depending on your hunger level.

Each food has a hunger value that adds up when eaten to change your Hunger Level once at 100%. Each subsequent hunger level has a lower "Food efficiency" bonuses, but takes less time to return to a lower hunger level.

The hunger level of food is a flat rate, unaffected by quality.

Hunger Level Food Efficiency Approx time to lose 1% hunger Approx time to lose 100% hunger Variety Bonus Variety Example @15 max stat
Ravenous 300% 2 hours 200 hours, 8 days 8 hours 1.097 28.3%
Famished 200% 1 hour 100 hours, 4 days 4 hours 0.894 23.1%
Hungry 150% 20 minutes 33.3 hours 0.632 16.3%
Content 100% 10 minutes 16.67 hours 0.602 15.5%
Full 90% 3 minutes 5 hours 0.447 11.5%
Stuffed 75% 46 seconds 1.25 hours 0.315 8.1%
Overstuffed 50% 7 seconds 0.19 hours

Food Efficiency

This value is effectively the same as the "food event bonus" also given on some Symbel. It multiplies the FEP value of the food you eat to be either positive or negative by the percentage shown. It also positively effects Variety bonus see below

Effect of Food Quality

As of World 10, quality of the food has no effect on the hunger filled. (Section left temporarily for refernce.)

Variety Bonus

Jorb posted that variety bonus effect by food efficiency here [1]. This bonus works simularly to legacy where each new food type eaten will decrease the amount of FEPs in order to level-up an attribute. It is increased by higher food efficiency, but is also reduced by your highest Base attribute (max stat).

Variety math and example

To work out the variety bonus at Famished's 200% food efficiency, we take the value from the chart and multiply it by the squareroot of our example max stat 15:

This means that our fep requirement is reduced by 3.46, which is 28.3% of our max fep requirement of 15. If our max stat is 40 the reduction is instead 5.6, which is now only 14.1% of our max.

Symbel Bonuses

Eating at a table and chair provide hunger reductions. Equipping the table with various Symbel items further improve the reduction. Please see the appropriate articles on specific item values.

The match is fairly straightforward of hunger filled times the table's displayed hunger mod (when sitting in a chair, not just having the table open). For example, Johnny Hearthlander's table provides a 75% hunger bonus. The food he eats fills 10% hunger. Modified, it will only be 7.5%

Game Development

  • World 14 (2022-08-12) >"Made it so that Hunger now decays by the cube root of the effect level, rather than the square of it, causing the more powerful levels (e.g. 300% modifier) to decay significantly slower, and the lower levels of effect (e.g. 50% modifier) to decay correspondingly faster. Aiming to push functional hunger levels away from guaranteed 300%."