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  • Potential Foraging Seasonality data correctness issue: When a particular creature is given seasonality later on in future patches its kinda tricky to flush them out (when its not included in the patch notes) ... except by starting with a new fresh and empty table.
  • Input data:
    • ...: No data available.
    • Y: Spotted. - The easy one.
    • (Y) for winter cases that can be found below ground or on non-snow tiles, but that can't be found on top of snowed tiles.
    • N: Technically this one is a bit tricky, given the randomness nature of spawning.
      • Note: Winter does not necessarily elminate forageables right away, but snow/freezing ice will definitely cause many growing plants on the surface to disappear until the snow has melted/ice has been removed. Cave forageables seem to be unaffected by snow and ice due to being underground.

Forageables Seasonality Table

Forage Spring Summer Autumn Winter Image Remark
Bay Bolete N Y Y N
Bay Bolete.png
Black Trumpets N N Y N
Black Trumpets.png
Bloated Bolete Y Y Y (Y)
Bloated Bolete.png
(winter: non-snow tile)
Blood Stern Y Y Y N
Blood Stern.png
Blueberries N Y Y N
Camomile Y N N N
Candleberry Y Y Y N
Cattail N Y Y (Y)
Cattail Head.png
Cattail Fibres.png
Cattail Roots.png
Cave Clay Y Y Y Y
Cave Clay.png
Cave Coral Y Y Y Y
Cave Coral.png
Cave Lantern Y Y Y Y
Cave Lantern.png
Cavebulb Y Y Y Y
Chantrelles N Y Y N
Chiming Bluebell Y N N N
Chiming Bluebell.png
Chives Y Y N N
Clover Y Y Y (Y)
(winter: non-snow tile)
Coltsfoot Y N N N
Common Starfish Y Y Y Y
Common Starfish.png
Dandelion Y Y Y N
Dewy Lady's Mantle Y Y Y N
Dewy Lady's Mantle.png
Dill Y Y N N
Edelweiß Y Y N N
Field Blewits N Y Y N
Field Blewits.png
Four-Leaf Clover Y Y Y Y
Four-Leaf Clover.png
Frog's Crown Y Y Y Y
Frog's Crown.png
Frogspawn Y Y Y N
Giant Puffball N Y Y N
Giant Puffball.png
Glimmermoss Y Y Y Y
Gooseneck Barnacle Y Y Y (Y)
Gooseneck Barnacle.png
(winter: non-snow tile)
Gray Clay Y Y Y Y
Gray Clay.png
Green Kelp Y Y Y Y
Green Kelp.png
Heartsease Y Y N N
Indigo Cap Y Y Y Y
Indigo Cap.png
Kvann Y Y N N
Lady's Mantle Y Y Y N
Lady's Mantle.png
Lamp Stalk Y Y Y Y
Lamp Stalk.png
Liberty Caps ? Y Y N
Liberty Caps.png
Lingonberries N Y Y N
Mandrake Root Y Y Y ...
Mandrake Root.png
Marsh-Mallow Y N N N
Mistletoe Y Y Y Y
Morels N N Y N
Oyster Y Y Y Y
Oyster Mushroom Y Y Y Y
Oyster Mushroom.png
Parasol Mushroom N N Y N
Parasol Mushroom.png
Peculiar Flotsam Y Y Y (Y)
Peculiar Flotsam.png
(winter: non-snow tile)
Perfect Autumn Leaf N N Y N
Perfect Autumn Leaf.png
Precious Snowflake N N N Y
Precious Snowflake.png
(winter: snow tiles)
Rainbow Shell Y Y Y Y
Rainbow Shell.png
Rainbowpad ... ... ... ...
(not currently in the game)
Razor Clam Y Y Y Y
Razor Clam.png
River Pearl Mussel Y Y Y Y
River Pearl Mussel.png
Royal Toadstool N Y Y N
Royal Toadstool.png
Ruby Bolete N N Y N
Ruby Bolete.png
Rustroot Y Y Y (Y)
(winter: non-snow tile)
Sage N Y Y N
Sleighbell ... N N Y
Snowtop Y N N Y
Spindly Taproot Y Y Y Y
Spindly Taproot.png
Spirited Mandrake Root Y Y Y ...
Spirited Mandrake Root.png
Stalagoom Y Y Y Y
Stinging Nettle Y Y Y (Y)
Stinging Nettle.png
(winter: non-snow tile)
Strawberry N Y ... N
Tangled Bramble Y Y Y (Y)
Tangled Bramble.png
(winter: non-snow tile)
Thorny Thistle N Y Y N
Thorny Thistle.png
Thyme Y Y N N
Uncommon Snapdragon Y Y N N
Uncommon Snapdragon.png
Washed-up Bladderwrack Y Y Y (Y)
Washed-up Bladderwrack.png
Waybroad Y Y N N
Wild Windsown Weed Y Y Y (Y)
Wild Windsown Weed.png
(winter: non-ice tile swamp)
Wintergreen ... N N Y
Whirling Snowflake N N N Y
Whirling Snowflake.png
Yarrow Y Y Y N
Yellowfeet N Y Y N