Wild Windsown Weed

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Wild Windsown Weed
Wild Windsown Weed.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) RequiredSpecific needed skills.<br>The default skills every hearthling starts off with, Oral Tradition, Primitive Tools & Wilderness Survival), are ignored. Foraging
Minimum Per*Exp 80
Seasonality (see this page for now)
Terrain Forest, Grassland, Swamp
Object(s) Required Drying Frame or Herbalist Table
Produced By Hand
Required By (20) Beetroot, Hop Cones, Peapod, Peppercorn, Red Onion, Seeds of Barley, Seeds of Carrot, Seeds of Cucumber, Seeds of Flax, Seeds of Grape, Seeds of Hemp, Seeds of Leek, Seeds of Lettuce, Seeds of Millet, Seeds of Pipeweed, Seeds of Poppy, Seeds of Pumpkin, Seeds of Turnip, Seeds of Wheat, Yellow Onion
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Wild Windsown Weed, when dried, converts into a seed of some kind that you can then plant with the Farming skill. The kind of seed you obtain from Wild Windsown Weeds is random and not dependent on the type of terrain on which they are found. However, if you find several Wild Windsown Weeds in the same "area" they will tend to produce the same type of seed.

World 15 has reworked acquiring crops from the wild, and exact WWW function is fully verified, but there's reports that they are now exclusively a catch-up mechanic. (They have the quality of a random crop in the world, hardcapped by the Farming score of the Hearthling who picks it up.)

How to Acquire

Wild Windsown Weeds begin to appear when you have a Perception * Exploration score of 80. They can be found on any forest, grassland or swamp type terrain.

It is important to note that seed types you acquire from a windsown weed are determined geographically, but not by terrain. If you're having trouble finding a certain plant, travel 15 or 20 minutes out of your usual stomping grounds and look for some there.


The quality of Wild Windsown Weeds is determined by its own unique nodes and it is hardcapped by Farming, However, max quality determined by highest quality crop in the world that hidden in Weed.

How to Use

The Wild Windsown Weed is used to get seeds, in order to get these seeds it must be dried on either an Herbalist Table, or on a Drying Frame. The drying time on a drying frame is 2 in game days, or 16 hours of real time, and the drying time on an herbalist table is 8 in game hours or about 2.6 hours of real time.


Game Development

  • Mushroom Circle (2021-02-21) >"Wild Windsown Weeds now have a chance of being given a quality actually grown by someone, somewhere. The intention being that they should function as a catch-up mechanic for crop quality, by disseminating various higher quality crops more broadly."